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Casting to Google Mini Speakers

Community Member

Hi, my question is when I wish to cast music or radio from my chromebook, I hit my cast shortcut above the bookmark bar and always need to scroll down to "All Rooms" (my designation for all speakers.)  I have 13 speakers including 3 hubs. Instead of having to scroll down through them all to reach the choice for "All Rooms" is there a way to make that the first choice on the list? Thank you for your help...


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

There's no settings to customise that cast menu, unfortunately.

I’d encourage you to also send this feedback directly to Google. You will not receive a response, unless Google need more details from you, however the team are still reading the feedback.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi xtremeleafan,


@David_K is correct. I understand that this would be a helpful feature, but this option is not available. In line with this, we want to encourage you to send feedback from your end, and we’re hoping for all the possibilities by taking our users' feedback and suggestions. 


Let us know if you have additional questions; otherwise, we'll be locking the thread within 24 hours.