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Google Mini Speaker Radio Alarm Issue

Community Member


My kids both have Home Minis (1st Gen) and there is an issue when we set radio alarms.  I have them both set to play Fun Kids Radio on Weekdays at 7am but when they both go off they play the alarm tune instead of the radio.  When you dismiss the alarm tune the Fun Kids Radio alarm comes on straight away without prompt.


Things I have tried

1. Reset the speaker to factory

2.  Reset my Google home (lots of devices and don't want to do that again)

3.  Clearing cache on Apps on Android.

It feels to me like there is some dual configuration happening when I set a radio alarm.

Another piece which could be related is sometimes I will tell one of the speakers to stop playing music and it would say "you can stop playing on named speaker or on named speaker" where named speaker is the same name making me think the config is doubled up somewhere by I can't for the life of me find it.

Has anyone experienced issues similar to this?