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Google Nest Hub hangs on G screen

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My Nesthub keeps hanging on grey G screen.

Already tried to reset but when it restarts i got the G again.

Does someone know a solution?




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same here, looks like loads of people experiencing the same - think it's a failed over the air update - as there's no usb interface to reinstall properly I assume that Google are replacing some/all hopefully

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Same issue here, I have 2 hubs and 1 of them is working fine the other is a blank grey screen, I've tried everything and no luck. 

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Same here…any solution?

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Same here.

Does anybody solved problem?

I've tried factory reset by pressing buttons right after device power up and it helped.

After factory reset device works again.

That didn't work for me or most people on here - Google will get you to do that over the chat - glad it worked for you though, didn't for me.

I was on the phone with support for about an hour, we troubleshot a ton of different ways with no luck. Sent in screenshots of the screen, my receipt and the item code and they are sending me a new one. Haven’t received it yet. Going on 10 days. Hoping the new one works! 

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Community Specialist

Hey All,

Since this thread hasn't had activity in a while, we're going to close it to keep content fresh.

We hope you were able to get the help you need. If you still need assistance with your Nest Hub devices, feel free to submit another post and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand.


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Hi, there is no solution, you need to contact them via the chat thing.

Google were very good, if in the UK they will send you a free label to send back to Poland, and they will send a replacement. They said they are aware of the issue, thus admitting fault basically. If in the UK techically you have a 6 year warranty actually for issues like this that are not wear and tear and an inherent fault or fault of the manufacturer.