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Lights on mini constantly pulsing

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Over the past 2 weeks I've noticed that the Google Home Minis  (5 of them) throughout my house frequently have four pulsing white lights. This is not the result of someone saying anything remotely close to "Hey Google" or "Ok Google" and it is not the result of an errant broadcast. 

I've noticed that it even happens when I'm the only one home and haven't said a word.

I've done the whole unplug and reset routine. Why are they all suddenly listening???

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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


We have some great news to share! Our team found a fix for this issue, and we're happy to see that some of you have already confirmed that your devices function normally now.


For those users who are still experiencing the same issues, we kindly ask for your continued patience as the update is gradually being rolled out to everyone.




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The problem is, some of us have MANY devices... can you imagine going around the house having to reset half-a-dozen devices? Something broke, so hopefully it's something an update can fix.

(And yes, it's just the minis, but we have a ton of 'em.)

I'm actually still having the problem every single day on all minis and my 2nd gen Google speaker. 

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We have uninstalled and reinstalled our devices while on google chat help. It did work, but the fix only lasted 24 hours. We are back to persistent blinking lights on all devices after any broadcast

YEP!  Same here. The problem happens the first time you use it "that day", then if you do a second broadcast the issue does not occur. At least this what occurred when I tested it the other day. So there appears to be come "timing" associated with the issue as well. I have no idea if it is 24 hours or if something else is triggering the issue to occur or not occur. This is why some people think the issue is fixed, but then ... surprise!

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Resetting the device is not fixing the issue 

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Resetting the devices have not resolved the Mini Flashing Lights. 

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This is how you reset it

On the side of your device, switch the mic off. The lights will turn orange. Press and hold the center of the Nest Mini, where the lights are on top. After 5 seconds, your device will begin the factory reset process. Continue to hold for about 10 seconds more, until a sound confirms that the device is resetting.

I now have a new phenomena in that one of my Google Minis stopped working completely and would not respond until I rebooted it. So the issue appears to be getting worse.

You kidding right? I have 6 Google Home/Nest Mini at home, so everytime the developers screw something up, the ONLY thing I have to do is resetting all my devices?

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Hello Muddi, 

Resetting the device (unplugging from power source and letting it be idle for 1+ minutes, then replugging it in), does not appear to fix the issue unfortunately. 
Other things we've tried: turning off "Continued Conversation" in our Google Home app, as well as turning off routines (which was suggested by a Reddit post.)

This affects every Google Nest Mini and Google Home that we have.

This problem has been occurring probably for the entirety of the last month, and the continuous never-ending pulses always happen after a broadcast.

I've been sending feedback on the devices just like you said. 
Thanks for your help, and hopefully we can get a fix at some point.

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I’m having the same issue. Resetting does not fix the problem. It’s seems to happen after a broadcast. The minis pulse as if waiting for a reply until I say hey google. And my nest hub display shows the original broadcast on the screen and is also waiting for a reply until I swipe it away. 

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Lots of reports below that this isn't fixing the problem.   This should not be marked as an answer to the issue to prevent people from needlessly doing this.

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Still no solution or update? None of the “ideas” have worked. Still pulsing lights everywhere and hubs stay on the text of the broadcast until you tell them to go home or swipe it away. 

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Is there any particular reason why this is filled under "Speakers and Displays" rather than "Bugs"?

Also, why is the thread marked as "Solved" even though this is clearly still happening despite the "fix" of resetting the affected devices not working?

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Hi Muddi, what exactly do you mean by "reset"... I've tried unplugging for 10 minutes, I've unplugged and then removed it from the home app and left it unplugged for 24 hours with no change... something that seems to be a regular thing now is that broadcasted messages broadcast before the mini says broadcasting now

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Same issue here, original Google home pulses 4 colored dots after a broadcast and there is nothing you can do to clear them as side from telling Google to stop listening (probably other keywords Work) without intervening it will blink forever or until another command is given. Rebooting doesn't seem to fix it. The pulsing clears on power cycle but comes right back after you broadcast. 

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I was having the issue and did a factory reset on all my devices. That resolved the issue for 2 days and now the problem is back again.

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I am having the same issue and have reset my mini’s multiple times and it starts happening again within 48 hours of being reset. 

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We have 5 google minis and all of them are constantly blinking.  They only stop when the speaker is being used.  

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I have the same problem and for about the same time. I will try resetting 

Unplugging the device has given us temporary ability to talk to the Google homes but it only lasts for less than 24 hours. We do a lot of broadcasting in our house and without this future the Google homes are completely useless. I have six of them in total. 

Pulsating lights are always there regardless if I unplugged or reset the device. As soon as you make your first command to the Google home, the lights stay on.


Also a couple weeks there was a fix that if you change the setting to have the Google home. Always listen to not always listen after a command that it would fix and it did for a while for a couple days actually. But now it's back to doing the same thing that it used to do not listen to your voice. 


And having a Google pixel phone the pixel 6 Pro, You would think that the Google Assistant on there would be responsive, but it's not. It's slow and takes about 30 seconds before it acknowledges that you want to do something. I've since gone to the beta version of 14 and it still does the same thing. 

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This didn't fix the problem. It just resets the device. As soon as we broadcast again, the same thing happens.

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I just reset all 9 of my Minis (8 gen 1, 1 gen 2) and the flashing lights remain.

I tried resetting all my devices and I’d has not helped at all.

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Any news? It's far from fixed and seems to be getting bigger. Broadcasts aren't using my voice (they use Google voice) and I often get error I never have gotten before in years of using these devices (something went wrong try again in a few moments)

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Any update on this?  It's been a month and the issue is still occurring, and there are no updates for two weeks.  

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I have Reset the 6 Home Mini's in my house and within hours, the issue once again begins. I am at the point of just throwing all 6 out. Please advise? 

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You're saying you want to reset every device in my house? Do you understand how painful that will be for those with a lot of automation? I am aware of 3 households alone just within my immediate family that have this issue. This is more wide-spread than you think. If a factory-reset is the fix, which I am not convinced, then you MUST know the root cause, right? If you know the root cause, then you can push it out in an update. As a factory-reset is a textbook support response, I am don't believe you understand the root cause.

No reason to do anything at this point. It's pretty obvious by looking at this thread that nothing works. I wish google just came back and told us what is going on with this issue. Simple: 

"We don't need any additional input from anybody, we isolated the issue and working on it" will do.

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I have reset, deleted from home factory reset multiple times.  The issue still persists.  I just bought two additional displays and they have the problem too.  So frustrating.

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I can confirm this is still a bug and still unresolved. I sent feedback from the device with the keywords you requested.

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I’m having the same issue. 

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I have reset the devices and I still have the issue. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the ongoing issue with the LED lights that keep pulsing on the Nest Mini. Our team is actively working on a fix, but we do not have any additional updates to share at the moment. We’ll continue checking in with the team and provide updates on this thread as soon as we have additional information to share.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.




Is there anything else from any of us needed on this? Because people keeps resetting devices etc.

I just want to echo, that I have the same problem with constant "listening mode" lights for the last few weeks. I didn't place any importance on this to report it earlier but seeing this thread, I realise that is a very bad thing for it to be listening to everything said in my home and all my dark secrets to cosplay Princess Leia and watching Indiana Jones and Crystal Skull five times.


Seriously, do get it fixed urgently, I appreciate there is an update on this thread that Google has acknowledged and is working on the issue.  But do work fast, because this is a privacy issue and should be treated as a priority. 


In the meantime, saying "hey google...stop", will stop it listening...only for a short while. And yes the problem is on all the nest minis in my home.





It's happening to any Google hub device. I have 5 minis, 3 Google home hubs and 1 hub Max and they all seem to get stuck in a "listening for reply" state from a broadcast. It's been going on for 2 months now and y'all need to fix it. We need an option to turn off broadcast reply or fix the reply timeout. We broadcast a lot and the second someone broadcasts all the Google devices get stuck flashing or on the broadcast reply screen unless we clear it. We went on vacation for a week and the basement one I didn't clear before we left was still on the same broadcast screen. Clearly that's where the problem is imo

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Fyi, I've found this happens on my first Gen Google speaker (non-mini) as well.

Perhaps it is time to find a  lawyer because the lights flashing may indicate continuous istening mode which is a privacy violation. 

Unless you flip the switch to turn off the microphone, the speakers are constantly listening.... That is kind of how this works.