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Nest Cam wont connnect to the app after moving

Community Member

Nest Hub Max was setup in my apartment in nyc. When I moved to California it didn't want to connect to the app. I deleted the nyc home on the app, made a new home in the app, I factory reset the next hub max. Still wont work.




When you did the factory reset, did the Nest Hub Max indicate it was resetting?

What error message are you getting when you attempt to reinstall your Nest Hub Max?

This is the second time I’m trying to setup the nest cam after giving up 6months ago when I moved. 

after trying to connect for 2-3 minutes I get this message


Something went wrong

Try connecting again. If that doesn't work, try rebooting your Desk hub Display or turning your phone's airplane mode on and off before trying again.”


I have factory reset probably a total of 7 times in the last 6 months. Including once just now. 


I didn't realize it was the Nest Hub Max's camera that you were having trouble with (though I should have, since your post said so). There are numerous recent posts in this forum with customers losing access to the camera in their Nest Hub Max and/or being unable to reinstall the camera. I haven't seen any resolution posted. (Ours is still running okay.)

I suppose you could try contacting Support to see if there's any progress on this issue: