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Nest Hub Max Showing Creepy Message

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Hello. My Google Nest Hub Max has displayed a creepy message four times.  The first time my son was scrolling through the pictures on the hub.  When I came over to look with him, the hub had a creepy comment and message go across the screen with the names of two friends of mine that have passed away.  The volume was on 10 but the comment was a quiet voice stating “Good evening, cody and jen are watchin over you.”  The second time it said the same message but “Good morning” instead of evening.  The third time it said the same message as the first time but added the words “as you sleep” at the end.  The third time I just so happened to be taking a picture of the hub to show a friend which Google product was displaying the message.  The fourth time just happened when I plugged it back in to get information from the device that you may request for troubleshooting purposes. 

I have checked all activity logs and all four times there is no record of it happening. Also, “Hey Google” was never said prior to the message coming up on the screen except for just now when I asked which model the hub was.  My son was in front of the hub twice when this happened, but the message appeared only when I was in front of the camera.

The reason this message is so disturbing is because my boyfriend named Cody passed away 3 yrs ago (the hub was bought prior to him passing).  My close friend named Jenn passed away about 7 1/2 months ago (the hub left off the second “n” in her name).

I have the device unplugged at this point. It will stay like that until I can get a logical answer as to why the hub is doing this. 

I can send you the picture that I took.  I couldn’t find a way to attach it on here  






Perhaps you should consider contacting Support about this. You can use the link and instructions in this post:

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Community Specialist

Hi there,


Thanks for the assistance, MpIsCustomer.


Candicej2002, that’s a bummer! Were you able to get in contact with our support team? If not, are you still getting the message? Do a factory reset on your Google Nest Hub Max and set it up again. Then monitor if the issue persists.