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Night mode - 0% volume - assistant still talks back

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Context is, we bought my son and daughter a google nest hub because we loved the 'Family Bell' feature and creating morning and night 'to do' lists for them to do independently (cannot love this feature enough!). These days, they get up, make their beds, have breakfast, brush teeth and are sometimes even in uniform ready to walk out the door before I even get out of bed!! It's insane!! We pay them pocket money for it - everyone's happy.

Our bedrooms are close together and at night when I ask my google speaker to put something on the tv to watch, quite often, one (or sometimes both) of theirs will pipe up and talk back to me or even put the tv show on their display instead of my tv (I've managed to stop the casting to their displays through do not disturb though). I did some googling and found that scheduling 'night mode' with 0% volume was the perfect solution - and it is.... but only for my daughters device 😞 despite identical settings on each, my son's will still talk back to me. We've done multiple factory resets and removed the device from home app multiple times - and I've done troubleshooting with 2 google reps via chat who are also stumped by this (the one I was just talking to said they will escalate this query for me). Meanwhile, does anyone have any suggestions that doesn't involve manually turning off the mic at night and back on again in the morning? We've also put their google sensitivity down to -2 to no avail


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Community Specialist

Hi angebomb,


Thanks for visiting the Community.


We're sorry to hear about what you're experiencing with your Google Nest devices. Have you created any night time routines from your Home app? Also, could you please list down all the Google Nest devices connected to your network and the commands you're using every time you cast?


We'd love to know more details so we can start some steps that might resolve this.


Keep me posted.




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Hi Princess,

thanks so much!

we have quite a few of each. 

main bedroom- mini speaker and chromecast 

sons room - hub display + smart corner light

daughters room - hub display + smart corner light

kitchen - mini speaker

family room - mini speaker + chromecast 

garage - chromecast + smart fairy lights


Aside from the night mode (including DND + 0% volume) + downtime schedule automations at 8:30pm there’s no other routines set to run after those. Plenty during the day and in the lead up to 8:30, but those are the last ones for the evening. Would you like me to list them all anyway?


last night I tried more troubleshooting but it didn’t work. Here’s what I tried (and I also created some  screen recordings of this process so google could see the settings I chose etc. if there’s someway I can get it to you to show you?):

removing device entirely from home app (including all routines etc)

factory reset + unplug for 5 minutes

set up a new google account using an email address I don’t use much anymore

Created new home called ‘test’ in the google home app

added the google display to the new home - during this it installed a new update

skipped all personalized results/voice match etc - basically the bare minimum to link the device

set up downtime to run within a couple of minutes with option to apply to ‘everyone’. Noticed that the ‘night mode’ option had disappeared (not sure if this was removed with the new update?). 

looked to subscribe to preview programme but still not showing as an option for the device - so I subscribed through ‘home settings’

went back to home screen to wait for downtime to start and noticed the display clock was running a couple of minutes behind my chromecast clock on the tv. It then skipped from 4:23 to 4:25 (the time I set it to run downtime) and I tested it asking what the time was and it still responded at normal volume (I recorded all of that including the difference in time from my chromecast if there’s a way to get it to you). 

I emailed all screenshots and screen recordings to the email thread I have going with google so they can advise next troubleshooting to try. 

if you can think of anything else I could try please let me know 🙂

thanks so much


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey angebomb,


Chiming in, your case has been escalated to our higher team of support. I suggest that we continue through that channel to avoid confusion on where to update you. Also, we might need some additional information that is not allowed to be posted in public, so it's better to communicate via email.


Let us know if you have questions or additional concerns about your device, otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours, and our team member will continue to assist you via email.




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Oh, and the command I’m mainly having trouble with at night is: ‘hey google, stream x on Netflix on bedroom tv’. But my ‘testing’ command is always asking what the time is