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Turn on the Lights command plays a band called Lights on Spotify

Community Member

I've had Google home devices since the original.  For years you could say "turn on the lights", "lights on" or even just "lights" and the lights would turn on.  Now, increasingly when I give those commands it will start playing a band called Lights on Spotify or say nothing is playing right now.  I asked Google to never play that band again, but it still keeps playing it.  Is there any way to fix this, because this is a deal breaker.  I have 11 of these devices and they are about to go in the trash.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi BryanK,


Thanks for reaching out.


Sorry to hear about this experience. It sounds weird that after years of using it, the commands you usually use aren't recognized anymore. Let's try first to reboot your devices including your Google Nest speakers and your router, simply by unplugging them from the power source for at least a few minutes. After that, test 1-2 Google Nest speakers with the same commands you used and see if rebooting made any difference on its behavior.


Keep me posted.