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White noise stops playing

Community Member


I play White noise for my baby to sleep to, and the Google nest has started cutting the sound on its own, after around one hour when I gave it instructions to play for 12 hours. 

Any idea why this could be? It used to stay playing until I stopped it. 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello ClaireBG12,

Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear that your white noise is suddenly stopping in the middle of the night, I understand how important this feature is to help with sleep. I would be more than happy to help look into this situation. First, I have some quick questions.

  • Is this issue still occurring?
  • Which Google Nest device do you have? (model name, generation number)
  • Do you have any routines set up?
  • Do you receive any error messages when this issue occurs? If so, what does it say?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?

I appreciate your patience, I look forward to your response. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


It's been a few days since we have heard from you. Just checking to see if you were able to see my response above. I look forward to your reply back, we're here to help!

Hi Frances 
Thanks for your email, sorry for the delay in replying. 
I'm not actually sure of the model, it was the one you get free with Spotify. 
Since using the Google home in my own bedroom and buying my baby a white noise machine I haven't had the same issue. 
I wonder if it was stopping as my phone was in a different room, or me using it to look at social media such as Instagram and tiktok might have interfered with it?
Best wishes

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello ClaireBG12,

Thank you for your patience! I am sorry to hear that you had to buy another device to resolve this issue. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. 
Please feel free to create a new one if you have any other questions. 

Best regards, 

Garrett DS




Community Member

Unfortunately, this has been an ongoing issue for google home devices for a long time.    They "loop" every hour so there is a cutout in the white noise.  This of course is if you are just saying something like play ambient noise or play white noise.  If you cast from an "app" this doesn't happen.  

We had to change out devices for white noise generation for just this reason.  Alexa's work very well in this case.