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Nest Hub - triangles with exclamation points

Hello,I recently received a new OS update on my Nest Hub and now the layout of how my list of cameras was displayed is different. I like the fact that I don't have to scroll up and down and I see more tiles on the screen. Now to the actual question. ...

PXL_20221003_181453073.jpg PXL_20221003_181458601.jpg
Ryushvah by Community Member
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Only one Floodlight tile

I have three different floodlight with cameras. When I am on google home it only gives me one floodlight tile. I can switch it between the different cameras, but it only allows me one floodlight tile. Is there a way to have it on all three of the cam...

JZ33 by Community Member
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Nest says Y2 wire is connected when it's not?

Recently removed my Nest (including the wiring) to paint a wall. Put everything back in place and wired it up again, exactly the same way.When the device restarted, the Nest said my wiring/equipment had changed and the picture on the screen shows tha...

fiveo by Community Member
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Nest Wifi won't connect to the internet using PPPoE

As I was trying to fix a double NAT issue in my network this morning, I have about decided it can't be done. Google support told me to contact my ISP and have them put their router in bridge mode. I did that. The tech came out this morning and put th...

Thermostat Compatibility

I’m thinking of purchasing a Nest Thermostat and working on determining if my system is compatible. I’m unsure if my system meets the wiring requirements for a Nest Thermostat. Would anyone be able to assist? The labels on the wires coming into my th...


Temperature set points

How long do the temperature set points last for?? I want the heating to come on for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening how do I do that??

Pikea1604 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat on my PC

How can I put my Nest learning thermostat on my PC? I have tried putting the code in, but it says that it is incorrect code. I KNOW it is the correct one, as my heating engineer has just re-booted the thermostat. It works correctly on my and my wife'...

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