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Nest thermostat heat link

Hi there My fathers 3rd gen heat link has also stopped working, no lights or any activity, and confirmed faulty by an electrician - he has asked me to see if it is possible to get a replacement. He is based in Ireland.Can you help please?Best regards...

Johnomara by Community Member
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Updating payment method

It shouldn't be this hard to freaking figure out how to pay you people!! We need to update our card and there no **bleep** way to do it. Please get that figured out before you make a new product. Fix the stuff you have first. Thanks


YouTube is connecting to tv but why voot app is not connecting to tv

Nest mini unlinking

I have 2 nest mini devices one of them works perfectly while the other one keeps unlinking from my google account. I have tried both 2.4gz and 5gz wifi connection and it doesn't seem to be internet issue as the other one works just fine in the same r...

Tejas155 by Community Member
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Not able to cast from my phone

Hi there,My chrome cast is working as I'm able to cast from my laptop to my TV but for some reason, I'm no longer able to cast from my phone to my TV. What could the problem be?

Grounded C Wire issue

Hello, I have a 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat that has been having issues with the heat short cycling (runs for about 5 mins and shuts down, get a delayed for "# of mins" message on nest). No issues at all with the AC side, has been running fine s...

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