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We had chromecast working, but we had to reset our router now it says chromecast cannot connect to the internet, Wehave tried resetting it but it won't connect to the net. How can we fix this?

Manually activated Eco but it didn’t stay there

I manually set my thermostat to Eco mode before departing home for a few days. Eco mode is also the default when we are away. According to the instructions, it seems that manually activated Eco mode is supposed to stay on until turned off. However, t...

DavidWH by Community Member
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Nest aware is not working anymore

I have had a Nest Aware subscription on my Nest Hello for a while and a few weeks ago the app stopped showing me video history. It then said “get more with Nest Aware”. Since it wasn’t seeming to see my account, I merged my Nest and Google accounts a...

JWhit29 by Community Member
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Nest Door Bell wired

Green status light pulsing along with door bell button ring. I’ve tried a reset twice and have disconnected the power as well same issue. After holding the reset button and bell button for 10 to 15 seconds you should see ring light blink yellow then ...

Elliott1 by Community Member
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Light no showing up on my Nest Hubs

I have a number of lights setup in my Google Home, howver one of them is not available on my Nest Hubs (I have 2 NH 2nd Gen). The light is displayed in the Home App in the correct room and responds to voice commands, however when I go to Light Contro...

Nest app won’t work without wifi

Recently the nest app stopped working when I was not connected to Wi-Fi. I thought it was my phone but I got a new iPhone 13 and still having a problem. Everything works fine when I’m on the Wi-Fi network. The app works on my fiancés phone whether sh...

Schett321 by Community Member
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