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Upgrading 1st Gen Wifi Mesh with 2nd Gen Puck

Hi, Ive just bought an extra puck to extend my mesh. This is all with Google Wifi (not Nest), and am on the Home app. I have a mesh of 3 1st Gen wifi pucks up and working already, but want to add a new 4th puck to help cover a poor quality zone.The A...

dave-w by Community Member
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Get motion notifications on Google Home speakers?

Hello. I just installed a new Nest Hello doorbell (wired). I was able to successfully get the doorbell chime to play through my Google home speakers when the doorbell button is pressed, but now I am trying to get motion notifications to play through ...

GoDeep89 by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini input power ? Voltage 230 V is oK?-

Bought Google Nest MIni in USA. Got rectangular pins. Is it compatible with 230 V AC input power? I have already an adaptor for rectangualr to round pins. No issue. But I have a doubt about input voltage to be applied.VKV Gupta

guptav by Community Member
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Connect 2 google nest routers wirelessly

Hi there I have a house over 4 floors with concrete walls and floors. i have an existing google nest router set up with. 2 wifi points. I’d now like to extend the wifi coverage to the garage and top floor.I bought another set (google nest router + 2 ...

Bbwacker by Community Member
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nest failure after power outage

power outage yesterday, now nest thermostat not controlling boiler.Nest and Nest app talk to each other but thermostat not talking to heatlink as boiler now on continuously and not responding to thermostat temperature settings.Have tried 10 second re...

kenp by Community Member
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We’ve also got the heatlink problem…

Heatlink failed yesterday - was only fitted in October 2020. Spoke to Google who assured me this was a very rare problem! They refused to expedite the delivery of replacement heatlink, saying dispatch will be 1-2 days, but then time taken to deliver ...

Vicbot by Community Member
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