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cant cancel nest renew

someone i got enrolled which i don't believe i did but regardless i want to cancel this. i DO NOT want my therms controlled outside of my own usage. the help topic states there should be a cancel in settings but there is not. anyone know how to get a...

Bmorn20 by Community Member
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Thermostat Offline

My Google Nest has gone offline, none of the Help Options cater for my problem. Is there a Helpdesk I can talk to?

SteveD2 by Community Member
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Thermostat stuck showing a download icon

Thermostat stuck showing a download arrow above a home icon. Tried reset and the same . Left it for 1 hour still the same . After almost 3 hours in total with support and after many restarts and resets, it was agreed that the thermostat was definitel...

JonWard by Community Member
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Get Hub Max to display secure website...

Hi,I have an account on Fronius solarweb that displays my solar generation stats.I'd like to know how to get hub max to display the website (that requires my login) via a routine activated by a voice command.I can login to the site on the max display...

Google Home app not found on Google Play

I got a Nest for my dad and I have been trying to set it up. However, on his tablet I can't find Google Home in the Play store. It's a Lenovo TB-x103F running Android 6.0.1. can anyone advise on how to fix this or another app to use?

Eva23456 by Community Member
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Thermostat won’t rotate

The thermostat won’t rotate and our heat link isn’t connecting and has therefore disconnected from the boiler but because we can’t rotate the thermostat we can’t reconnect. I’ve restarted the thermostat multiple times but the thermostat still doesn’t...

cman1 by Community Member
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NBA League Pass having issues streaming

Can you help me? I have an issue streaming NBA League pass on chromecast. I already switch to 50hz mode like what some users did on this forum. Also tried to switch WIFI networks, 2.4ghz to 5ghz and tested using another wifi router. But the issue is ...