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Workaround for AP Isolation for use in Dorm

Son is heading to college - wanted to take his Nest device with him. However because of the AP isolation issue, we know it wont work. Is there any sort of true workaround for something like this or a possible future update for this to be resolved?Tha...

GusMan90 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostats

My house is a 5 zone HVAC system. I purchased the original nest for my bedroom, and it worked well. I purchased 4 new ones of the new version (which I hate) since the older one is not available. about a week later, I had a problem with my a/c in the ...

joefugazy by Community Member
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System keeps running

Just installed my new Nest thermostat and set it for comfort and 73 degrees. The room temp says 74 and the system has been running for hours never reaching the desired 73 degrees. My old thermostat would cycle on and off as needed during the day, thi...

Marco9011 by Community Member
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Ghost Thermostat temps

We have had 2 Nest thermostats for 6months now and I am new to the products. We randomly find one thermostat at 62 degrees and no one would ever put it that low. It’s happened 7-10 times, not daily. And I run the app, and can’t find anything in there...

carlygirl by Community Member
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Google floodlight only keeps 100 records per day

My flood light camera keeps losing history records. In the place where I can see all my history, it only keeps 100 records per day. I usually have more than 100 events recorded per day which means I can't see my previous morning history. Is this a li...

Idk2 by Community Member
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