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"Problem connecting to cloud" Error Message

Hi all, For the last several weeks, I have been unable to sign in to manage my devices on Google home. I have a home with around 40 devices in it that were set up perfectly fine throughout the last year or so, but recently whenever I attempt to sign ...

tgalliher by Community Member
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Apple Music won’t stop on Google speakers

When I ask google mini speakers to stop playing, the music stops, but then resumes randomly roughly within 5 minutes.this happens on all of my Google home mini speakers, various gens, they are not in groups and this didn’t happen using Spotify. I am ...

Penfold39 by Community Member
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New Nest Camera Viewable in Browser

The new indoor nest cam I just bought is not viewable in the Nest app nor on It is viewable in the Google Home app... what is the browser url equivalent? I want to be able to monitor my cameras from my browser.

Heat permanently on ?

Nest appears to be working properly , however heat is signal is permanently. I had to disconnect white wire to stop furnace . I did reset set nest twice but still same symptom. Even removing nest from base there is till have a closed heat circuit .

JRT750 by Community Member
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NEST not turning off the heat

Since early November heat comes on at night and does not turn off. I have reset the NEST three times this week. i have to turn the heater main switch off to turn the heat off. I installed the NEST on Jan 7th, 2021 and it worked fine till this Novembe...

Outdoor Plug for Nest Doorbell?

I just bought a Nest Doorbell (Battery). The battery power has been pretty bad so far. It only lasted 12 days on the first charge, now, I did a factory reset (as recommended) and it's already at 96% when I only reset it this morning. The person at Go...

Doorbells don't work

Installed doorbell cam per directions. I can here the door mount ring, it rings on my phone, but it does not ring the two wall mounted original door bells. Did I install the thingy on the wrong floor?