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Ceiling Fan Speed in Google Home App

I have received the new update of the Google Home App. There are many new features but still no way to control Fan speeds in the app. Below is my post from August 2022 for your consideration, again. This is not an on off situation as you have address...

Woolworths assistant still not working

Woolworths assistand suddenly stopped working for me several months ago. When saying the suggested frases like "get woolies" or " I want to talk to Woolworths " google will respond wil "I dont know" and brings up a google search. Has anyone found a f...

Cameras won’t connect to Home App

All cameras were working just fine for months until 5/29 I get a notice that 2 outdoor battery cameras and wires doorbell are offline. Did all the basic - reboot modem, reset camera, updated apps and removed devices BUT now when I try to add them and...

Mrkpgg by Community Member
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Nest hub update broke ambient sensor

Repost as a device reset didn't fix it as thought. My Nest hub received an update today, all looked well until the clock face and screen brightness kept changing, any fix for this? Video link -

Paul1 by Community Member
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Power button setup on remote control

Since it's possible to configure different devices for Power and Volume it should be possible to add both devices on the Power on/off option. I would like to turn my TV and Sound Bar on/off with the Power button. Although I can control the volume of ...

Amy11 by Community Member
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“Turn off the (room) lights” plays music

I am ready to throw all of my Google devices into the trash. For the past few weeks, every time I ask Google on my smart speakers to “turn off the kids room lights” or “turn off the kitchen lights,” it plays a random song with the word “light” in the...

Can't move Nest Speakers to new WiFi.

I installed a new router over the weekend. It has a different SSID and PW. I've been trying to get my Google smart speakers moved over to the new SSID. They have all been removed from my account (or at least they don't show up in the Home app).When I...

Doni49 by Community Member
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C-wire heating but not cooling

I installed the nest before winter and had no issues with the connectivity which included C-wire. When I attempted to turn cooling on I kept getting a power disconnect/ wifi disconnected status. A/C would restart wait 2 mins and do the same thing. I ...

Tman518 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

I switched from heating to air conditioning today. My nest thermostat worked fine for heating. I got short cycles, power errors, and wifi connection issues on the display. I have no c wire. In order to make the heat work I had to say there was nothin...

GKohler by Community Member
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