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Help with 6 wires installation

I have a nest 3rd generation thermostat and my house has six wires. Yellow in Y1, Green in G, Orange in OB, White in W, Blue in C, and Red in RH. What am I doing wrong I keep getting either no cool setting or wiring or power issue. Please help. Thank...

Help with Wiring

I am trying to install my new nest thermostat. I am a little confused about the wiring. The old system has-The red wire in the RC port- Yellow wire is in the W port- There was a jumper between the W and the Y.-The white wire is in the O port- The gre...

AmyRN by Community Member
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Showing personal recipes on Nest Hub

Hi everyone,Like many of you, I wanted to be able to see my own recipes on the nest hub screen instead of Google assistant searching the web for recipes. I have found a solution. You will need to make a Google Slides presentation and then cast the pr...

Lew0003 by Community Member
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Gen 1 chrome cast needs reset to new network

I have a gen1 chrome cast and had it set up on another network scrolling pics but have brought it home and now Google home cant pick it up and i need to reset it to my home network. Where is the page that you can enter the alpha numeric code to conne...

Nest app says precooling when it is not

When my system is cooling, the nest app (and home app) says precooling. The thermostat doesn't say precooling and on the nest hub says cooling. I know it is not actually precooling as it always says precooling in the apps, even when I adjust the ther...

Wurdmann by Community Member
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