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New Install Blows Hot Air on Cool setting

After reading all the similar posts I know this is not odd. After seeing ZERO of the posts had responses, I am thinking this is hopeless. But I am going to ask any way. My wires are set up correctly. The A/C test blows hot air. If I say it didn't wor...

Nest Thermostat failing

When Nest was first installed, all features worked perfect for 3-4 months. Then problems began snowballing. Can’t find network, fails to connect to app, now stuck in a loop of resetting where it turns a/c on every 5 minutes.ive tried every standard s...

JungMind by Community Member
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Device not authenticating after factory reset

Hi folks, The Google Home mini wasn't able to connect to a new WiFi network. I tried various options but none of them worked. I finally did a factory reset and now there's an error message that states that the device cannot be authenticated. Any sugg...

Transfer Google WiFi settings to Nest Mesh

Is there a way to transfer all the settings in my Google WiFi main point (reserved IP addresses, port forwarding, etc.) to a Nest WiFi router? I plan on upgrading the point to the internet to Nest so I can upgrade to Google Fiber at 2 G.

MickeyAO by Community Member
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New Router - No Devices Connect Anymore

Set up a new router and no old Google home devices can communicate. Consistently make it to the last step in the setup only to get an error, "could not communicate". I've tried shutting off and unplugging devices, then reconnecting after a whole day....

Hangry212 by Community Member
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Toy Story Freeze Game doesn't work

I discovered the different Disney adventures and activities and my kids love them. However one that was listed was the Toy Story Freeze Dance. However nothing I say or the "Play Toy Story Freeze Game" phrase shown on the ad video will trigger it. It ...

remote control

I bought my Chromcast mid June and have had to replace the batterys every month, I have tried differant bands but has made no differance, would it be a faulty remote. The seller has still to get back to me.

kel by Community Member
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Current temperature display

When set to heat and cool mode (where you set a high and low temperature and it will activate heat or cooling as necessary) there is a 3 degree window which the temperature maintains. When in this mode, if current temperature is within the requested ...

Sidetone1 by Community Member
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Google mini

Hello I have a Google Mini it’s not connecting for last 10 days. I m trying and trying to reconnect. Please help me in this. Thanks