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Nest doorbell wired 2nd gen in Europe

Hi everyone, Apparently, there isn't any news about a potential launch of the wired Nest Doorbell 2nd generation in Europe (for me in France)Could we expect a launch of it this trimester?Could we use the US version of the product instead?Thank you

Nampoina by Community Member
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Resolved! #

YesI'mOkayYesI is still waiting for you to send me your new number so I will send you the truth you will get it done by the end of this week and we will be okay with the same way.II am trying

Consistent Live Video

I purchased 2 - 2 pack outdoor cameras (battery), but only 1 pack will stay on Live Video when on the Home app. I didn't change any settings, just added all cameras, but only 2 will stay on Live Video without me having to constantly click Live Video....

Sillyviet by Community Member
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Nest hub nax- camera not working

Hi!I am writing to you as I am desperate. I purchased a Google nest hub max coal 3 months ago and since last week, the camera is not working.Basically, the green light is not appearing anymore and when I try to connect from my phones (android and iph...

Benjamin2 by Community Member
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Outdoor battery Camera not factory resetting.

My outdoor battery camera wasn’t working so I followed the suggested Google steps to disconnect from my home account, then factory reset the camera. The camera is not resetting at all - not lights on. It’s essentially a dead unit. I’ve also tried to ...

Alternative for nest temperature sensor for UK

Hi experts,Since the Nest temperature sensors are not available in the UK I was wondering if someone knows of a valid alternative? I have a nest learning thermostat (Model: display 3.6). I would like to know if I can buy the wireless Nest thermostat ...

Pablojpc by Community Member
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Google nest mini sleep sound problem!?

Hi everyone we have 3 nest mini speakers main bedroom and two daughters we have no music subscription and we all use “hey google play rain sounds” when we all go to bed, lately it is playing up and seems to have gone mad I use the google home app on ...

Nest on new phone

I have been told that I can set up a new home on my new phone, but somehow I have managed to acquire the maximum 5 home’s already over the last year or so trying to solve my problems, how do I remove homes from my app please, there is no obvious way ...

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