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Heat link not working h71

I turned off my heat link when I went on holidays for 2 weeks and I have come back to having now power on it. The boiler is working and Wi-Fi is fine but can’t get it working. Can you please advise me 1. What type of Nest thermostat do you have? I ha...

Clares5 by Community Member
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Some advice on mesh Wi-Fi network needed

Greetings. I have a three puck 1st gen Google Wi-Fi network. 1200 sq. ft. Single story house with a detached garage. Primary puck is wired per usual to the modem on one end of the house, with another puck sitting mid-house in a kitchen window to faci...

Thepoint by Community Member
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R to Rc jumper

Hi, I tried to read some other conversations but it's still not clear as to the solution for the R to Rc jumper. I have attached two pictures for reference. As you see the existing wiring on the wall is G, W, Y, R & Rc (R & Rc jumped). Please let me ...

IMG-20220704-WA0006.jpg IMG-20220704-WA0007.jpg
pkbooh by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max Cameras tiles are blank

Under the “Home Control” tab on the Google Home Max, you can see a camera tile in-line and you can select “Cameras” to see a tiled card display of all your cameras. The card displays are all blank, and you have to tap into one to see the camera feed....

vorathe by Community Member
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Wiring help

Looking for some help. I'm trying to hook up my 3rd Generation Google Nest thermostat and keep getting a message to find a certified NEST thermostat installer from my app. I'm attaching a photo of my wiring and the model of my outdoor unit. We just r...

20220523_125137.jpg 20220705_122603.jpg 20220523_125133.jpg
pjfink by Community Member
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Compatible with Neptronic Model TSU00-110?

I have a Neptronic Model TSU00-110 are the connected wires.1 COM Pwr White2 24Vac Pwr Black3 Com (B0) Black6 BO3 (Binary Output 3) White7 BO4 (Binary Output 4) Black8 BO5 (Binary Outp...

lduguay by Community Member
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Nest cam outdoor Canadian winters

Hi, was wondering if the nest cam outdoor is a usable product during Canadian winters. How fast does the battery drain on the camera. We go below - 20 for months and need to know how many days of usage I get per charge.

Marcel13 by Community Member
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Blinking ewd light after many years

I have a gen 2 thermostat installed for well over three years. Last night it stopped working and red light was blinking. Removed charged with usb restarted okay but red light again this morning. Charged again and restarted, Have a C wire at 24 V. App...

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