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Google Nest mesh router broke when I picked it up

I’ve been using Google nest Wi-Fi system mesh router since Sept 22, Model GJ2CQ. I had to move the router and picked it up with my fingertips over the top and it came apart in the middle. Didn’t completely break but light then went orange and I lost ...

Nest thermostat e

thermostat E stuck showing this icon! have tried every recommended solution but nothing seems to change, if reset it just returns to this icon? Tried in two different houses and both the same outcome. Any help would be appreciated


Google nest won’t stay connected to wifi

My Google nest used to work fine. For the past month, however, it disconnects from Wi-Fi. When I reboot the router, the nest will reconnect briefly, and then disconnect again. I brought over a friend’s Nest, which works fine in her house, and it did ...

Huskie by Community Member
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Wiring confusion!

I’ve wired a few of these before with no issues, but this wiring has me stumped. Does anyone have an idea of how I need to transfer these wires over to the nest?


How to Get Thermostats on my iphone App

HELP! I can't get my thermostats to show up on my iphone anymore. When I follow directions online, it asks for the "code" from my thermostat. However, when I go to settings and get to the screen they suggest, it simply says the thermostat is already ...

Critique by Community Member
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Google shopping list vs grocery list

I have a shared home with my husband. We have a shared “grocery” list. Up until last week I’ve been able to add to it using our devices seemlessly. This week, she says “adding cuz to your shopping list”. This is not the shared list, and I don’t see a...

Lizslone by Community Member
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It's been over 3 weeks since submitting a warranty claim (in warranty period) for a Nest thermostat and I've gotten ZERO response. There appears to no option to reach out to a human being to inquire. Does Google support it's own products at all???

sinman02 by Community Member
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