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Enough is enough Nest/Google LLC whoever let's start.

1. Most recent observation in Nest app is  activity history removal option has been been removed (no pun indented) Useful feature please bring back now.

2. I have 9 Nest protects in my home that bottom line a simple API, and with the amount of programmers you have on your payroll should have coded, debugged and released over 5 years ago. Maybe a condition on buying a tech company should be required to integrate all existing products into app before you get your greedy hands on it.

3.  Will Google home ever have the most useful feature for cameras I pay for in Nest app, to time scroll every second of recoding I pay for? I don't care about events only. If not then drop price of yearly package.


I await a answer from the director of programming, not a bot or forum moderator. That anit trust legislation going through the government I know has you worried, but pony up the features or discontinue it I an I will take my money elsewhere.