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Google Home app for child's supervised account

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Community Specialist

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 Original poster: Christine Hanolsy 


My child (10) has a supervised Google account and an iPhone SE running iOS 14.7.1. My end goal is for him to be able to use his own Spotify Family account (linked to his supervised Google account) on our Google Home Mini.

When I open Google Assistant or Google Home to his phone, it asks me to link his Google account, but his account does not show up in the list. When I try to add his supervised account, it fails: I type in his Gmail address and it recognizes him, then I type in his password, and it just bumps me back to the "Confirm account" screen. In spite of that, I do get a notification on my own device that he has signed into a device.
I was able to set up Google Assistant on my iPhone to recognize his voice, but I can't actually link his account to Google Home or Assistant, so it doesn't really do us any good.
Please help. I am tired of anime theme songs getting mixed into my own Spotify playlists!
Thanks in advance.

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Community Specialist
Hi Christine Hanolsy,
There is sequence of steps to this. I've linked a help centre article below that explains how the setup works.
-from david.king (Product Expert)

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@JohnF I have the exact problem as described above, and that link does not help me (unless I'm missing something?). I have my Family Link child's google account voice added to our Nest devices, but can't get him linked to the iOS Google Home app to add his Spotify account. Do I need an Android device?


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Community Specialist

Hey folks,
It looks like we have come to a solution so I'm going to be locking this thread. If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to create a new thread.

Have a great day.
Garrett DS

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Work around for anyone who has a child who needs to be supervised on an Android phone while having access to linked accounts (e.g. Spotify) with their voice recognition on Google Home devices

This can be achieved by using a separate account from your child's android device (their normal supervised account). Create a dummy account which you control but has your child's voice recognition added to it (you will need to set this up with your child). This needs to be an over 13 year old account and can be added to your Google Home family group. You can link it to your child's Spotify account by being signed in to spotify as your child when you link spotify in your Google Home account (signed in with the dummy account). I did this using spotify and google home on my iPhone but presume it will also work with the same on an android phone. If you use things like voice activated dialling of phone numbers you will need to add the numbers to the address book of the new account. It also won't share search results with their phone but that's a small price to pay.

Now I just need to wait for spotify to realise that I don't only listen to gamer glitch tech earache music. 

There is functionality in the Family Link app to allow the supervised account to use voice commands on your Google Home devices but that doesn't seem to manage the linking to their spotify account. I turned this off so that there was no confusion between which account my son's voice would activate on the home devices. Come on Google, you can do better with your mountain of cash and army of PhDs!