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There didn’t appear to be a proper place for this question, so apologies if posting to wrong place

So, I log into this site using my Google account, however I don’t use the gmail address tied to it for e-mails. I have my own (non-Google) e-mail address for that. However, this site sends e-mail notifications to the gmail address, so I don’t see it.

if I manage my Google account, I have;

Google Account email

Set to my gmail address (can’t be changed)

Recover email / contact email / alternate email / about me emails

all set to my preferred (non-Google) e-mail address


So why isn’t my contact email address used for emails from this site?

How do I fix this (without messy forwarding rules) ?

I can’t find anywhere in this site to set an email address, so I’m assuming it is getting the information from my Google account?



Thanks for any help