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Heating on App doesn't work

Community Member

We have had a Nest thermostat for years and it worked brilliantly.  Since migrating to Google, we can only control the hot water by phone app, not the heating.  The heating 'circle' is just a black ring stuck at a wrong room temperature and nothing I can do changes this.  We can control the heat directly from the thermostat, however, it works to a random schedule (not the one in the app), leaves us cold in the day and boils us in the night unless we get up and change it (Learning and Eco are switched off, so it should not be doing its own thing).  After a huge struggle to get through to Google's awful customer service, I eventually spoke to an operative who could not fix it and told me it was a router problem.  This is odd as nothing has changed with the router and our WiFi is fine.  We paid to get the internet service in to check, and guess what? Everything was fine.  I then paid to get the boiler company in and they could not fix it either.  They told me that they are no longer recommending Nest as they are so unreliable.  Should I fork out and switch to a Tado (or Drayton or Hive) or is there any way of salvaging the Nest?  We can't go through this winter with unreliable heating that is wasting money.  If it could just go back to being a reliable heating and hot water app controlled thermostat, I would be happy with it.