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Hey Google! Why STILL no Google Workspace support after at least 3+ years?

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The subject pretty much says it all. Going on 3+ years as a Google Home user, and I still cannot connect GH to read contacts and/or calendars from my Google Workspace account THAT I PAY FOR EVERY MONTH!  

Technically, this really shouldn’t be a difficult problem to resolve. If I, a Google Workspace user, share my calendar and contacts with a Gmail user, then that user can access that data in any way allowed by said permissions. This is not rocket science! It is a simple matter of IAM.

Reading various forums/boards here, I am clearly not the first person to ask this. It’s been an issue for probably millions of Workspace domain/account holders for AT LEAST 3 years, and we have zero official response from Google. Do you really care so little about your paying customers?

is anyone else as frustrated with Google over this as I am?



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there, 

Sorry for the really late response, but I wanted to make sure that we addressed your issue. 

I can totally understand the frustrations that you're having around this, and I want to help provide some clarity. 


  • First off, just want to make sure that you have seen this article.
  • Secondly, some Workspace features are available depending on which subscription the user has, so if there's a specific question around Workspace subscription and how it works / can be used, I would suggest reaching out to the Workspace Community

Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Best regards, 

Garrett DS

Hey Garrett! I think my post got lumped in here, with the intent that I review what you'd posted. I have done so and haven't found an answer to my post (joined to this thread, below), and I was hoping you'd have some input. My concern centers around the fact that I'm not able to provide the Gmail user account with full visibility and access to my existing (and complex) Google Home configuration, and I'd prefer not to rebuild it if at all possible, because doing so would induce me to question "why Google?" for this. 


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Hi, please could you tell me how I can use my Google Nest Hub Max with my business G Suite account. I have purchased this for my business so would like it to be connected to my business G Suite. I've had my G Suite account since it was Google Apps so I do not want to create a "Personal" account for my business.

I've found a number of resources in support and have followed them but I am still unable to setup the Hub Max camera as I get the Error: "Sorry, G Suite accounts can't be used for migration.". I currently do not have a nest account and this was going to be my first of many nest devices for my business. However if I am unable to set this up with my G Suite account then I might need to rethink.

These are the resources I have found:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Same!! We are opening this business asap. This will be a massive oversight!

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I'm experiencing the same with my nest learning thermostat v3. It is unable to connect with my small business g-suit home app. Can you please help solving this problem. No I had to use a antique gmail address to get the nest thermostat working.

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I am a long-time Google user (got my first Gmail account on a Beta invite!) and have been using Google Home devices in my home for 5+ years faithfully. I accepted the limitations inherent with being a Google Home + GSuite user as a quirk, however, I decided recently that I'd consider moving away from GSuite for my use since the limitations negatively affect how I can include family members and what features we can collaboratively use. In order to preserve my Google Home automation and integrations (I use devices from WeMo, Samsung, Schlage, Aladdin, etc.) I should figure out how to migrate the existing configurations to another user account, the simplest way being to add that user account to my existing Home. This is when I encountered the baffling decision to prevent GSuite users from adding Gmail users to a Home (as noted here and here). 


This is hogwash, to put it politely. Google has spent years forcing personal GSuite users (I've had mine long enough to have gotten it for free, and have used the email account exclusively for about a decade- Google says I created it on 3/2/11) to compromise on certain personal-only features, yet gives us no opportunity to migrate without forcing us to completely rebuild our ecosystem from scratch- something that's not trivial given the years of time it's taken us to create the danged thing in the first place.

I'm here asking if Google has the ability to
A: move our Home configuration and other features from a GSuite account to a Google account (or any account which receives their preference),

B: permit us to include one personal user in our GSuite Home account in order to facilitate migration on our own, 

C: enable some other accommodation to ensure that GSuite personal users aren't shot in the foot for having been long-time users and boosters of Google products, even if it's just an "backup all Home settings" and "restore all Home settings" option. 


In short: you can do better, Google/Nest (Alphabet), and failing to do so is why loyal users start seriously considering competing offerings. After all, if I'm going to be forced to rebuild my entire ecosystem, why should I do it with you and not try Amazon? 

Community Member

Hi there.

I'm unable to use my Nest thermostat with my Google Workspace account.

Support have suggested that I should use a personal GMail account, and whilst I have done this, I'm then unable to link the Nest thermostat to all my other Google services (including Nest speakers) which are compatible with the Google Workspace account.

This is not an acceptable solution to me, and it's prohibiting me from using hardware that was quite expensive and took a fair bit of effort to install. Is there any way that Google would allow me to have a standalone Nest account configured, which I understand can be linked to the rest of my Google Home?

I'm finding the response to this seemingly well established issue quite disappointing if I'm honest.  I'm a Google 'fan', but I feel like I'm being punished for using multiple Google services. Ironically Hive would be more compatible with my Google services, which is mind-blowing to me!!

Many thanks,

I have a G Suite email and can't link my new NEST DOORBELLS (2) to the Goggle Hub for the same reason.  So no-one without a phone (which works weirdly) can hear when someone rings the doorbell???????  I've only dropped thousands of $$ on a Google-only world but can't hear a doorbell???? HELP!!!!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,
It looks like we haven't heard back from the OP so I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new thread.

Have a great day,
Garrett DS