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Linking Blue ADT to Google Home issues

Community Member

When i try to link blue adt to my google home app i get one of three things below:
1. I type in user name and pwd for blue by adt, get asked to generate code, but never get one

2. I get the code and plug it in then get message in google home app saying account sucessfully linked, however I don't get the screen to add the blue adt devices to my home.

3. I get the screen for me to select devices and add them to my home and then few hours later all blue by adt device are automatically removed from my google home ( not by me ) this has only happened once.

Has anyone else experienced this before?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey nevarest,


Thanks for reaching out and for trying those steps — let's figure this out. Could you please check if you can see your ADT account under linked services in your Google Home app?


  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. At the top right, tap the Account icon.
  3. Select Assistant settings.
  4. Select Home control.
  5. Check the Linked services section at the top and make sure (ADT Smart Home, Blue by ADT, etc.) appears.

If you can see your account, try to synchronize all your devices by using the command "Okay Google, sync my devices.".


Let us know how it goes.




Community Member

Hey Alex, thanks for replying.
I followed your steps and Blue by ADT was not showing linked.

I went through the linking steps again, keyed in user name and pwd, receievd the code to my email this time and was able to select all my blue devices to link them to my home and so far they are still in my list as I type.
I did noticed when i first ask my google devices the status of the alarm it always says the devices are offline, but if I wait a minute or two and ask again the google devices will respond and provide me options to control the alarm system.  Thought that was odd, but never the less it's working for now.

Thanks again!

Everything worked for a week then yesterday at 1:43pm Google Home automatically removed all my Blue by adt devices on it's own with out manual intervention from me.  What I see in the google home app under the history sections is my email address removed all the blue adt devices from my home.  No further informaiton provided as to why.

Tried to re-link but the code was not generated and sent to me via email.  I will wait about 24 hours and try again.

What if you have done all that my Blue By ADT outside camera will say its connected to internet but connect to my Google self install system? ADT forgot to send me a outdoor camera for mhy back door.