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Locked out

Community Member

I have tried every method of reaching out to google im locked out of my gmail account. My phone is broken, I have no access to my email because of 2 step verification even though i know the password and username. I even tried account recovery but the irony is i have a second email account associated but google sends it to the one that i cant get into. If i could get a real person i could verify its mine.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

This community supports Google Home, Google Nest and Chromecast devices, not account recovery. 

Google doesn't provide support with account recovery of any kind.

For community (user volunteer) support and advice with account recovery, post in the Google Account help community.

That's the sad problem I'm having. I need help from Google I know it's out there but they keep it a mystery

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Not sure where you've read that but Google categorically does not provide support with account recovery. I'm also a Google Accounts Product Expert that is how I know. There is no team at Google that supports account recovery. Even if you pay for Google One, the Google One support team cannot help you with account recovery.