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Nest and Google Home App- iOS15

Updated my iPad to iOS15 yesterday afternoon. Since then, I have been unable to connect to the Nest or the Google Home apps. Uninstalled and reinstalled both apps from the App Store, restarted the iPad and still nothing. The Nest app opens and then j...

LWojo by Community Member
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Mest test fails -tried everything

was so excited when I got google mesh but it has been a pain. I am planning to return it back to Costco but wanted to try one last time. I connected router , added endpoints, it shows all of them have great connection but whenever i run speed test or...

auppal80 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Account Login

HiA while ago I changed my mobile number so when I try to lo into my account I cannot access the verification number so I can't log in to my account. I spoke to NEST customer services and they tell make that there is another they can do leaving me wi...

Paulrob05 by Community Member
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Can't delete Honeywell Thermostat from Google Home

I bought a new Google Nest Thermostat but I can't delete the old Honeywell Thermostat. I'll go into the HW thermostat in the home app and go to settings, I'll press the "unlink Honeywell home" button and it says, On the next screen, select Honeywell ...

Sdiddy84 by Community Member
  • 26 replies
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Mi Home & Google Home

Hi there, this is a duplicate topic. We will move this thread to the Master thread.

GarrettDS by Community Specialist
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Can't log into my Nest app after migrating to Google account

After migrating my Nest account to my Google account, I can access the account through a web browser, but I cannot log into that same account in the Nest App in IOS. I can see the correct Google account and select it, but the log in screen does not p...

Nest Google frozen login.jpg
ASKnot4 by Community Member
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ambient mode

Ambient mode doesn't show all photos when display on tv?