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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Make some of smart devices hidden from other user

Hello, I'm using google home & some partner systems (like smart socket, smart light). Some of these devices are equipped in my room, and I don't want housemates to control them.So I want to set hidden them from others' Google Home app. Do you know th...

mio2 by Community Member
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linking subscriptions

i follow all the steps to link my apple music account and it starts to load looking like its going to work and then nothing happens. repeat issue. i have closed the app, reset the wifi - tried everything.the same thing happened last week when i was l...

माझ्या बहिणी gmail चा पासवर्ड विसरून गेली आहे. Forget करून पण होत नाही

माझा बहिणीचा ######### का gmail आहे. आणि ती पासवर्ड विसरली आहे आणि मोबाईल नंबर ला otp चा ऑप्शन पण येत नाही plz मदत करा

google home mini and apple music

is there a way i can manually go on apple music and pick songs like a speaker with my google home, or can i only use my voice.

brooke by Community Member
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Can I setup a nest mini with an iPad

Hi, we are trying to set up a nest mini using an iPad, we have got the Google home app installed but I don’t see how to add the nest device to it. It’s like the Home app doesn’t have an option to do that, the only device it can add is a whole list of...

Angg by Community Member
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Unrecognized Fee From Google Nest

I just had a charge I don't recognize put on my credit card from Google Nest for $32.40. I see on Jan 1, they put on $1 and took it back off, obviously to verify the account. I just paid $60/year for the Nest Aware. I wasn't aware there is a charge t...

Globe Suite Lights Won't Work With Google Home App

Hello, I have a lot of Globe Suite products around the house and I wanted them to work with google home and my Nest Hub. The lights worked great for a year but after that, they just wouldn't work from the app or my Nest Hub. When I go into the app it...

xdturner by Community Member
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