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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts e-mails sent to wrong e-mail address

Hi,There didn’t appear to be a proper place for this question, so apologies if posting to wrong placeSo, I log into this site using my Google account, however I don’t use the gmail address tied to it for e-mails. I have my own (non-Google) e-mail add...

MissLiz by Community Member
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So many issues

The pros - the sound quality is very good and Google Assistant was very responsive.The cons -- unable to make videos calls from the hub (it kept saying the contact did not have Google Duo)- unable to video call “household contacts” added to the hub (...

Gfckrslf by Community Member
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Why can’t I share photos and why only limited no. Of photos show

Why can’t I share photos?I say “Ok Google, share photos” and nothing happens. I have Google photos uploaded.If I request to show photos, it does.. but -1) Only 100 photos are showing out of 1000.2) When I then say to share, Nest says to tap photos to...

Gfckrslf by Community Member
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Not Cooling

The nest is not cooling. It's like 85 in here at 8:28. It's been running all day and not cooling my house. We just had this installed. I'm  wondering they connect the wires in the correct terminal. Does anyone have any suggestions. Formatted, reinsta...


restoring a deleted account in home

Hello,I recently deleted a user profile in the HOME app. As a result. it seems to have deleted my nest profile including cameras. Is there a way to restore the profile including cameras? Is there a way to access the video history from the deleted pro...

nghanan by Community Member
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