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My nest app is showing offline while the actual nest devices is showing connected.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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 Original Poster:  Ed Harrisburg  

The nest is showing offline in the android app as well as the web based interface. I checked the actual nest device and it shows online and connected. I can see it connected via the Google Wifi app and just now I opened google home and see two nest devices one show offline and the other can connect to the nest device.


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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Ed,

Apologies for the delay in response, and sorry to hear about your connectivity issues! I can understand how frustrating it is when devices fall out of sync. I'm happy to look into this for you.

For my own clarification, I have a few questions.
- Does the Nest app shows offline as well as one of your thermostats?
- Are there specific error messages that you're receiving within the Nest app, Google Home app, or thermostat display?
- Can you check your devices' battery level for me?

Open the “Quick View” menu on the thermostat (press the thermostat ring).
Go to “Settings”.
Nest Going Offline
Select “Technical Info”.
Select “Power”.
Locate “Battery”.

- Which troubleshooting measures have you tried (restart, factory reset, etc.)?

Apologies for the barrage of questions, but I'm hopeful we can figure this out together.


-From Garrett DS, Community Specialist.

My app shows offline but the nest thermostat is showing connected - also the battery is good  

I am having the same issue, started about 6 hours ago... any luck fixing?

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Having the same issue here.  It looks like this is a problem with the app.  I'm on iOS and my app is showing offline status, but the thermostat is online and connected.  Noticed it for the first time yesterday.  I wondered if this was connected to iOS 15 upgrade which I did over the weekend, but it is not, as my father using older iPhone on iOS 14, has the same issue.  


Am having same issue. Thermostat shows online and apps on iPhone and iPad are both showing offline. Everything is working except the app on my devices. There is no router, battery or other issue covered in the support documentation. Google team please get the app fixed and push an update to iOS!

Yes my just started doing this as well WTF???

same here😡

Mine is doing this on the latest version. We literally installed the thermostat SUnday and today is friday and the app is offline

So, if thermostat is online and working, and the app has stopped working, says it's off line, what is the solution?


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I am having exactly the same issue. Nest product says it is connected to wifi and is connected to heat link and is connected to nest app. Nest app on two different iPhones both say the device is offline! Has anyone solved this yet??? Seems the issue has been around for at least a year!?



i have installed today

i got same issue


My app shows offline but the nest thermostat is showing connected - also the battery is good  


please help


sridhar venkatachari

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Same thing here on iOS with a brand-new thermostat. App says "Offline about 2 days ago" – two days after professional installation, when it worked fine.

Restarted the thermostat and changed the internet router connection and it reconnected. But the thermostat still says online and connected to the internet while my iOS app says "Offline."


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Same with mine!  But upstairs thermostat works. Only downstairs (closer to router) is offline on my app. 😩

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Same issue here, upstairs is fine. Downstairs app says it’s offline and closer to router. Did you figure it out?

This is in a rental unit.   No fix yet

I think this has to do with router settings. Anyway I set up a guest Network and connected the thermostat to that and so far so good after several weeks.

Similar issue.. turned mine off for 24hrs..

seems fixed for now...

Kevin Clark

Turned your phone off for 24 hours?

Turned your what off for 24 hrs ???

Same issues here too

Same here. Seems to be the app. Thermostat online &  working.

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  • App says offline.
  • Thermostat is working just fine.
  • Have strong wifi.
  • Updated app.
  •  Still says offline. 
  • I’m using IOS 

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I'm having the same issue.


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Having same issue with Android

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I have been having this same issue for months now. Searched everywhere for a solution but everything I have tried hasn’t worked. 
Im about to have it all removed an swap to HIVE.

Did you ever get an answer?

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does hive have door locks also?  

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I'm having the same issue as other.  The kicker is I have two thermostats in my home, and one shows up as online, the other offline. I've tried ALL the fixes, resets, removed/reinstalled app, reset router, checked battery, etc. but nothing has worked. 

I think this has to do with router settings. Anyway I set up a guest Network and connected the thermostat to that and so far so good after several weeks.

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It was checked and everything is connected. My app shows offline. Thanks 

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Same here! Ours is  located at or lake  house 1/2 hr away. The one upstairs shows offline  on the app and the downstairs works fine. My husband just drove there and it's working fine. I seriously think we need to ditch this whole system.. Last month, the app kept telling me that the temperature was below the safety temp (we keep both upstairs and downstairs set at 50 in the winter) and then it would tell us soon after that  it was back to normal. After a few weeks of this, We finally took the drive there and it wasnt working at all! All.of our lines were frozen and all of the filters for the water system were busted.  We won't know the extent of the damage until spring, but this system is something that I no longer feel comfortable trusting. It was  great while it lasted.😫

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I’m at the battery

Same issue here. How do I fix it? 


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Just my phone app is offline

thermostat shows connected 

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Same issue once I moved to the Home app. Everything tests fine but the app on my phone iOS says offline. Stupid

Restart, factory reset 

Rinse. Repeat. Daily. 
It’s not a fix. 

That didn’t work for me. App still says offline but thermostat says it’s connected

The ring says online and connected but on my iPhone says offline