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Nest App wont let me log in

Community Member

A couple days ago my thermostat couldn't connect to the home or nest app.

After some trouble shooting i just decided to entirely reset the thermostat and re-add. But then i started having trouble with the app. It was timing out trying to add the thermostat.

So i logged out, cleared cache, clear storage and tried again with no luck. So i cleared those two items again and uninstalled. After reinstall i still cant log in to the nest account on my phone.

My wife has a similar phone and i cant log into the nest app on her phone either.

My account is migrated and i can log into it via desktop/laptop no issue. I just cant use the app.


I have other nest devices and they work on my Google home and i see them when i login on a desktop. But via app i still cant log in.


Any help here?








Community Member

I have the same issue and they try to say its my phone or app version. I still don't have an answer. Google home wont add nest learning thermostats and sensors that's can only be added by nest app. I am sorry I ever migrated my account. It all started over a week ago and still no answers and not many posts about it. 

Community Member

Not sure what it was.....but i tried again today by redownloading the app. And it worked. Go figure.