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Nest Hub disconnects from WiFi after several weeks; connection can't be reestablished

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Erich Lantz 


After a week or two of normal operation, my Nest Display shows "Please download the Home app." When I attempt to reconnect the device to my WiFi network, the attempt always fails: "Could not connect to WiFi." I have rebooted my router and factory reset the Nest Display; this results in no change. 

The odd thing is: I can successfully connect the Nest Display through a 4G hotspot, so it appears the network interface in the Nest Display is working normally. My main wireless router is locked down by my ISP,  so I am unable to change any settings on it or diagnose it further. All other wireless devices on that same network connect normally, with no sporadic disconnections. The problem only occurs with the Nest Display, and in fact occurs with two separate Nest Displays.