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Not receiving password reset email from nest

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Not receiving password reset email from nest

Checked spam filter not hitting spam filter.

Added and to the whitelist on the spam filter.

Still no email.

Please provide some next steps.


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Call [REDACTED].  They helped me reset my password.  

 Moderator edit: This phone number is no longer in use. To get in touch with us, visit our Contact Us page and follow the prompts until you reach Contact Options. Then select “Get a Call” or “Chat”.

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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there oetam, 

Sorry to hear that you're not receiving your password reset email, I'm sure this is frustrating but I'm happy to help. 

While we don't have a button or anything to be able to resend the email to your email address, if you are not using a email address I would suggest creating one as these emails are the best way to ensure that the Nest emails will go through. 


Please let me know if you have any further questions. 

Best regards, 

Garrett DS

Can someone call me to assist. 

Community Member

can someone call me to help or do you have technical support phone numbers?

Can someone call me at # I am trying to reset my email from my camera can start working thank you

Do you have a Nest phone numbeR? So frustrating. 

The phone number for Nest customer service has been disconnected!!  No way to contact customer service after the sale!!

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Can someone call me to help

Google is the absolute WORST!!! No phone number and just random articles that lead to nothing. Now that Google is destroying yet another company, I will find another thermostat to use. 

Now I am not getting to the screen to reset  password

I have no idea what you are suggesting.

I don’t understand 

I really do not understand

not receiving password reset link in my in box


same. Requested it like 100 times!

So are you saying you cant help me reset my password and/or find my accout name?

Did they help you i am having same problem

Community Member

I was able to speak with someone at 1-855-469-6378.   I spent 25 minutes on the phone with her.  She could see my account on her end, and she talked me through it.  Try calling this number.  I was having the same issue.

That phone number is disconnected. Google is the worst!

Yes I need a password this is a great opportunity for myself


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i also are not receiving email to my gmail account regarding how to re-set my password 

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I don't understand. I am using #. I've used this for many years. I just can't get Nest to email me the password reset instructions. It's not in Spam. I am using Android. It worked fine until I got new phone. It won't take password that I have used in the past. I can't reset my thermostat or see video from doorbell. Help.

It's Google and their non existent help. 

yes   I have not had problems resetting password before   I submit my email but do not receive one back

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Hello, I have had my Nest thermostat for several years, the thermostat works but I am unable to log in on my app.  I have tried resetting my password and I never get an email.  I have double-checked that it is the correct email, emails are not going to Spam.  I have tried going to the thermostat to set up and get the code, but because it is already set up, it does not provide.  Please advise.

Thank you,


Precisely the same problem, it is clearly their product issue!!! I'm going on holiday tomorrow and need to set the heating for the guests whilst Im away, this is ridiculous from a company like Google!

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I am not receiving an email to reset Next password



please call me 

Community Member

Please call me

I do not understand what you mean by email address. i am having this issue rn. pls help me

Is there a phone number for technical support available and to subscribe 

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here's the simple flow of the problem:

- when using Nest on the app, you can sign in using your Google account. I did so.

It logs me in.

However, when I need to connect Google Assistant to Nest, it will ask me for a password. I don't have one.

When I click forgot password, I never receive an email (using my google email).

So the problem is that either Nest is not logging a password as I came from google sign-in and therefore never sending an email, or that there's a bigger bug to be fixed

This thread shows a lot of people with the exact same problem

I'm having the same problems and I have a google account but sign in through the Nest app.  Why isn't the email sending to my account?

How do I get my password to rest?

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i just want to get into my nest app

need password reset

Community Member

I need help now!!!

Community Member

Yes i need help now@!

Community Member

Why aren't you helping me!!

Community Member

I am confused what am I suppose to do now? 

Community Member

No help whatsoever. All you're saying is your system is a bit thick when it comes to to receiving or replying to emails.