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So many issues

Community Member

The pros - the sound quality is very good and Google Assistant was very responsive.

The cons -
- unable to make videos calls from the hub (it kept saying the contact did not have Google Duo)
- unable to video call “household contacts” added to the hub (same issue as above)
- kept duplicating my name on the hub so when trying to video call myself (let’s say I misplaced my phone and wanted to locate it), it wouldn’t know which contact to use and regardless, it kept saying I don’t have Google Duo
- could not put my telecommunications carrier details in to make phone calls in a different way
- screen kept turning coming back on when I had it turned off
- could not share photos from the hub (nothing happens). I tried workarounds such as showing photos first and then requesting to share, but it was still unsuccessful in executing the function
- showing photos only showed a handful of the photos in my Google photos. So many pics were missing.
- device needs to be plugged in at all times so not at all convenient to move around the house or manoeuvre in the kitchen to pull up recipes