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We Really Need All The Nest Products Contained in One Ecosystem

Community Member

It's ridiculous that I continue to split my nest products between the Google Home App and the Nest App. My specific examples are with the Floodlights + Battery Cameras and not having my Nest Protect in my Google Home App. I don't care which app they live in, I just want them all in one spot supported by a desktop application.

I see a lot of threads ask this question with no clear response other than "we want to make Google Home the main application". My questions are simple: 

1) When will Google Home contain all current Nest products? 

2) When will Google Home launch a desktop application?  



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Kavoglio, 


While our long term goal is to use the Google Home app as the one place you can control all of your favorite Nest and other smart home devices, as well as Google Assistant, we don't have news to share as to when it will be available. The same is true with the Google Home desktop application. 


Stay tuned for news and updates — we appreciate your patience. 




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Melba, no offense but to state we means you work for Google.  Moderators are not employed by google.  You are here to sweep cries for help under the table and to maintain the wonderfulness of the google ecosystem. Google does not read nor participate on this form.  What you stated above is only a scripted reply to brush off the failure of the nest acquisition.  There have been no updates, integration attempts since the purchase of Nest.  Oh yes I forgot to mention there was the roll out of TikTok and happy birthday, two very important requests that NO ONE asked for.