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iOS Nest app video hangs if app was previously open

Community Member

I've noticed that if I previously viewed any video in the Nest app from any camera (I have IQ Outdoor, Doorbell, and 2 dropcams), then switch to another app to do whatever, if I receive a notification for motion and tap to view that video, the video always hangs (swirling arrow). To view the video, I *must* completely close the Nest app and reopen it. Killing the Nest app and reopening will get the video to not be 'stuck' or 'hung'. 

Anybody else notice this behavior?

I'm trying to train myself to always kill the Nest app when I'm through using it (vs leaving it in the background), as it doesn't seem to 'wake up' from background sleep properly.

I'm on iPhone Xs with iOS 15.6, running most recent Nest app.