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Google assistant controlling wrong lights

I’ve been having this issue with the home app and Google assistant for a while but recently found a fix so I thought I’d post it.the issue was: saying “hey Google, [command] the office lights” would result in Google assistant responding that the “dev...

Drshasta by Community Member
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Add user

How do I add a user to my Nest Account to allow them to view the security camera from their iPhone.

fishcoli by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google won’t login on nest app

I click the prompt to login with google, select my account, and allow it access. Then I am reverted back to the original login screen asking if I want to sign in with google. I can login via browser just fine, but the app just sends me in a loop and ...

Steph506 by Community Member
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Resolved! Combined/prioritized routine in Google Home possible?

hello,I recently bought the new Google Nest Cam (battery), and I'm experimenting with all the settings to see what is possible. In the Google Home app, I have a 'household routine' that switches the camera automatically on/off based on location sensi...

Nest protect smoke detector temperature

I only have the smoke detector, no thermostat. When I am in my nest app it is showing a temperature. Can you confirm what temperature the nest smoke detector is showing? Am I correct that the device is not taking the indoor temperature and this is ju...

MMolloy by Community Member
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Need help bad

I have smart plug from a company that use to go by the name DF SmartPlus and they changed the company name to DGM Smart. So I had to reset up the link between the DGM Smart app and Google home and now when I say "ok Google turn off double lamp" she r...

Resolved! Nest labs charge

We are being charged $5 a month from Nest Labs, even though we canceled our subscription several months ago.

Assistant account and Netflix not working

Hi everyoneCouldn't find an answer to my specific issue. So we recently bought the Google nest mini and Chromecast with Google TV. We have both set up properly and connected to the right wifi etc. My husband is able to properly get a show or movie st...

My Entire Home was just deleted

No one else has access to my account, MFA all that, no other services has access.No one else is a home manager.When I woke up it was fine, I have a Nest Hub next to my bed. A couple hours later it's saying to link the device, I open the Google Home A...