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Community Specialist

Imagine you just set up your Nest Wifi, Google Wifi, or Nest Wifi Pro and now you’re ready to set up the Wifi points, but suddenly you get an error. Getting an error code, especially for your Wi-Fi, can be frustrating, but don’t worry—we’re here to guide you through it. Keep reading for additional help and community success stories.

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This might look like…
When a Wifi point fails, you might get an error message in the Google Home app. For example:

  • "Connection Failed"
  • "Connection failed: Couldn't connect to the device. Try again or tap get help for more solutions."

Note: Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) can't be combined with Nest Wifi or Google Wifi (Wi-Fi 5) in a mesh network.

Failed connections can be a hassle, but with the world using Wi-Fi 24/7, some connection issues are bound to happen. Sometimes a quick factory reset is all you need.


If you're having trouble adding a Wifi point, here's what we recommend:
If your Wifi point fails to connect, try a factory reset from the Google Home app.

  1. Open the Google Home app.
  2. Touch and hold the Wifi point you want to reset.
  3. Tap Settings (the gear icon), then tap Factory reset Wifi point, then Factory reset.

Note: If you have one or more Nest Wifi Pro routers in your setup, try the factory reset steps for your router instead. The factory reset will delete all current settings and data from your device. Learn more about how to factory reset your Wifi device.


Another way to reset
If you're not able to reset using the Home app, you can instead try resetting with the hardware (a.k.a. hard reset). Depending on which device you have, the steps to hard reset vary. You can find the correct steps to hard reset your Wifi device in this Help Center article: Factory reset your Wifi device.


Need more help? Join the community discussions about this topic, and make sure you've stopped by our Help Center.


The Google Nest team

Community Member

One of my two thermostats has had historical lag for a few weeks. It's Friday today. My third-generation Nest believes it's Wednesday when I hit the history button! The NEST app is also experiencing strange results in History as a result of this.

Community Member

I cannot reset everything because I will lose the account access to Netflix, Disney, Hulu and all the other ones if I reset it. So I can't just reset everything or else I lose all that access. So I just need an answer on how to do this

Community Member

Can one of you help me with my nest?!



Community Member

We changed Wi-Fi providers.  I have everything hooked up to the new Wi-Fi except the doorbell/camera.  How do I do that?

Community Member

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Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

@cls Resetting a single Wifi point, or even your whole Wifi network has no affect on your linked media providers. In the Home app, tap the settings cog and scroll down to "services" to check on your video and photos, music, and podcasts providers.

Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert
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it's good


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This article is helpful but i have some queston...

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I have had google wifi for a while. The wifi connection to my TV always worked but it buffered a lot. So tonight I successfully added an additional wifi point which google home says ‘has a great connection’. The new connection is in between my router and the TV, but closer to the TV. Since adding the additional wifi point the internet on my TV won’t work at all. How do I know if it is connected to the new point? Also I was expecting to see an additional wifi entry in my available networks, like when a wifi extender is added, but I’m guessing wifi mesh works differently and that’s as intended? 
thanks for any advice. 

Community Member

I can’t reset my Wi-Fi device because it’s asking me for a QR code or passcode. I have neither 

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Password Wi fi

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I'm in a situation where resetting everything isn't an option, as it would result in losing access to my accounts on Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and various others. So, I'm seeking a specific solution to address this issue without compromising my access to these services.

Community Member

Trying to add a mesh point… setup asks for a QR code or password… the device has neither 

Community Member

@Lazarus  Puzzle - house has four floors. They’re is a router and two wifi points.
Router on the top floor (floor2) wifi point (ground floor) and wifi point in the basement. (can’t move router without exceptional cost)
Wifi point on ground floor has an excellent connection. 
Wifi in cellar has a weak connection. 
I thought the cellar wifi point would connect to the ground floor wifi point not direct to the router. 
Cellar wifi is not better or worse with the ground floor wifi point on or off - seems illogical. 
None are direct line of sight connections but there are no doors separating the floors, open top to bottom. 
Any thoughts? 

Community Member

Had trouble with 1 wifi point going offline. 
followed google troubleshooting advice and ended up factory resetting all devices. Checked and chose a single account to connect to. Still same error:

The operation couldn't be completed. (kGSKError Domain error -83902.)

pretty frustrating and now can’t connect to half my devices.