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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey Google Nest Community,


As we close out the hottest month of Summer, let’s check out the latest blogs and catch up on social and community shout-outs! 



Fall ringtones have arrived! Get in the spirit with Oktoberfest sounds and check out our latest blog for when Halloween and Diwali sounds will be available. 


PE Summer Camp 

Shout out to all of our Product Experts who joined us for the 2nd Annual Virtual PE Summer Camp! We had a blast and already can’t wait for next summer!


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As a fun way to enjoy the summer, get to know each other better and spend some quality (virtual) time together, we set up a two day summer camp for our Product Experts and Community Managers. Filled with coffee chats, yearbook photos, cook-alongs, escape rooms and so much more, this is an event not to be missed. 

Interested in becoming a Product Expert? Check out our PE Blog to learn more details, and let us know you’re interested on our website.


Social shout-out:

Home Automation goals: The best kind of shopping spree.


Mini Adventure time: Can we join next time?

Community shout-out:

Thanks to @olavrb and @MichaelP  for helping our community member @r3c4ll with their Nest Wifi point question. You both went above and beyond on the thread, explaining the max amount of points to connect and giving the community a quality answer. Thanks for lending a helping hand!



Shout out to @olavrb for being one of our top kudoed Product Experts! And thank you to all our community members for helping each other out this month. 


See you in the Fall,

The Google Nest team

Community Member

Hear ye hear ye AUGUST RECAP COMING IN COLD!!!  As users this means zero to us.  Not a single word or update about how ridiculous it is they we the users are forced to have two running apps for Nest products.  That’s right google two apps, because you bought Nest and are clueless why so you just gave up.  The proof has been your lack of any updates nor any proof you care about the product you bought.  Sorry but the proof is in the recaps… oh yeah I forgot you gave us a Chinese owned, government watched TIKOK on our home hubs, smooth move.

Community Member

Agree with @S3bryan - Who cares about all this?! How about make the product actually work ... 

Community Member

I got connected, asked for a song, nothing but silence. Bet this is my first time

Community Member

How do I login to my nest account on my Google TV??


Community Member

I tried resetting my password but still no success.  Very frustrating to say the least.


Community Member

This is the blog post, post your issues in the appropriate forum!

Community Member

We don't care about your PR hyperbole of what employees are doing, outside of their jobs. 

We want answers for when you are going to fix Heads Up: Device Activation!!!

Community Member

Just purchasedd a Google Doorbell (battery) to stream on my Sony Bravia GoogleTV. Google now tell mke they are not compatable. What a joke. Does anyone have any solutions to this. Anything would be appreciated

Community Member

Could you please work on fixing the current backlog of issues people are reporting in the forums instead of:

Fall ringtones

escape games

social media posts

Thank you,


Community Member

There are many cameras on the market now that have a warning sound coming from the camera when it detects motion. When I go on walks in my neighborhood I hear many of my neighbors driveway cameras make a whistle sound or say "you are being recorded" when I walk by the camera. Many security companies are now pitching this as a feature as to why you "SHOULD NOT" use an nest camera. Is it possible that nest cameras will have this feature added in a firmware update? If I can speak to someone from any of my cameras I cant see why an automated intruder warning sound cant be sent when motion is detected. It would be great to do this with my floodlight camera as a deterrent.

Community Member

I’m a tech dummy. Is there a straight talking instruction manual for Google Hub? I’ve had nothing but trouble. Sometimes something will stop working for no apparent reason and I cannot work out how to fix it. 
I also have Google Doorbell/Camera and features have stopped working on that, too (apart from notification delays).

Google, you’re not making any friends!!

Community Member

Nest cameras are not security cameras. Nest cam products are basically baby monitors.

  • The Google Home app has no ability to provide more motion audible alerts beyond a simple notification as much as a whatapp alert. You can change tone of the alert controlled by Android OS but it uses OS volume and still not loud enough to wake you up, needs an option for constant sound like an alarm clock level, not a single one off tone per motion event. Probably wouldn't trust your family safety with this.
  • After a year they still can't give the ability to view cameras live through a web browser, so end up having to use Android emulator. Maybe afraid of increase overhead on their servers, then could let people stream directly on their own bandwidth only.
  • No ability to not alert you if "familiar face". Then won't need Home/Away routines. You don't need to be alerted when it knows you are moving in living room if it already recognises you right. You wouldn't want camera or event monitoring turned off either as home routine setup, some intruders don't care if you're at home. It's called home invasions. Ability to turn off alerts for "familiar face" means no routine required.
  • Samsung from S10 to S22 forum posts problems with blank previews of events or app instability. Works great even to the oldest iPhone 6S. iPhones are completely compatible with Google Home. Samsung owners beware. Pixel phones "should" be ok.
  • Event notification cooldown. Once motion detected there is definitely cooldown period of 5-10 mins where it won't report further events. No option to adjust it. (Burglars if you see a house with nest cams, bring a cat to lead in first to give you a 5-10 min window of entry)
  • No local recording to network share 
  • No legacy Nest cams transfer over to Google Home app with simplified transfer of subscriptions. At least make people aware on product specifications.
  • No ability to see wifi connection quality of each camera to judge if good placement. So you have to use a mobile phone to roughly estimate connection quality if placed in same position.
  • If you change your Wifi SSID and/or password. You have to factory reset the cameras, you can't make them switch over.
  • The speakers can be  really loud. Try using push to talk with your mobile phone next it, the loop back noise is loud, that's actually good but missed potential for actual alarm system here in event automation or manual trigger.

The problem isn't just the fact that there are still basic features missing, ok cameras can't suddenly change it's own physical hardware, many features can be "added" software wise level at least. The problem is also the inability to release software updates to get the existing features working with no acknowledgement from Google beyond "Please reset your phone or reinstall google home app"

If you total the time by moderators to exercise over the forums, it would be more productive to introduce a bug list and feature requests on a live page for everyone to refer and prevent repetition of forum posts. First is to acknowledge, communicate and set expectations.

I'm sure moderators get tired of reading the same posts as much as the people creating them.



Community Member

Hi I made this account just to post this. I really want to buy into Google Nest Cameras to start a Google ecosystem. Does anyone forsee Google fixing these issues in the near future? I want these cameras but I can't push myself to buy them after reading all the comments and reviews. 😢

Community Member

Dear all !!

I'am trying to reach someone who can help me deploying Google nest in a Hotel, but the link in the webpage is broken. Does anyone knows how can I talk to someone regarding this matter??


Community Member

Why does google home not offer the basic automation triggers to do things like turn on lights when a nest cam or doorbell detects movement?  And it doesn’t seem possible with other apps like IFTTT because of Google’s API policy.  I regret buying the nest products, there seems to be no support and nothing from google to address concerns that are common on these forums.

Community Member

Why does my nest app always show a five degree difference than my regular weather app?

Community Member


Why would you spend even a minute of development time working on a desktop app when your native app is missing critical features? When your home hub product is unusably unreliable?



- Add a scrollable vertical timeline with events of the type that we filter. (like the nest app)

- Add a smoothly scrollable vertical 24/7 timeline from iOS, iPadOS, nest home hub

 - Add ability to save clips on iOS, iPadOS, Nest Home Hub

- Remove this stupid “turn off camera” button blocking the view of the camera from the iOS and iPadOS app. Why would this be a button you’d think people would need over the ability to easily view history/save videos?! 

- Allow keeping the camera views up 24/7 instead of timing out and returning to the Google Home main screen!

-Allow the event history view to remember what filters were previously chosen like the old nest app!

- Add ability to access history easily from main camera view (Really?!? Hide history 2 layers deep in the UI?)

we are committed to bringing the experiences and Nest devices you have come to love in the Nest app into the Home app. This will take time to get right, and we will continue to share more details as we have updates.

We are listening to your feedback and will continue to make improvements to advance the camera experience in the Home app. For example, we’ll soon introduce the ability to flip between events quickly and easily, which is helpful for events that are far apart, or if you only want a glimpse of the events versus playing them back fully. And we’ve also been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app, so the new Nest cameras and doorbell feeds can be viewed and controlled from there. This will launch in 2022. ”



There was a beautifully designed nest app for cameras and you didn’t even consider what was good about it and keep what was good? 

The new app is terrible because it’s missing essential functionality! This is beyond frustrating. Beyond the frustration of a 2 app experience. Your delivery of apps to meet your new hardware launch doesn’t meet the mark and your lack of an IQ camera replacement is beyond terrible!  Provide us a 5mp camera with excellent motion night-vision at a competitive price!


If you aren’t going to roll out these new features in a timely manner, Fix the old Nest app so our accounts aren’t logged out every 2-4 hours On iPad, forcing us to have to re-login or use the new home app. This renders it worthless!!

Our company is recommending everyone go with Reolink. Recommending to avoid Google products altogether until this is fixed!