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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey Google Nest Community,


As we close out the hottest month of Summer, let’s check out the latest blogs and catch up on social and community shout-outs! 



Fall ringtones have arrived! Get in the spirit with Oktoberfest sounds and check out our latest blog for when Halloween and Diwali sounds will be available. 


PE Summer Camp 

Shout out to all of our Product Experts who joined us for the 2nd Annual Virtual PE Summer Camp! We had a blast and already can’t wait for next summer!


Escape 1.pngescape 2.png




As a fun way to enjoy the summer, get to know each other better and spend some quality (virtual) time together, we set up a two day summer camp for our Product Experts and Community Managers. Filled with coffee chats, yearbook photos, cook-alongs, escape rooms and so much more, this is an event not to be missed. 

Interested in becoming a Product Expert? Check out our PE Blog to learn more details, and let us know you’re interested on our website.


Social shout-out:

Home Automation goals: The best kind of shopping spree.


Mini Adventure time: Can we join next time?

Community shout-out:

Thanks to @olavrb and @MichaelP  for helping our community member @r3c4ll with their Nest Wifi point question. You both went above and beyond on the thread, explaining the max amount of points to connect and giving the community a quality answer. Thanks for lending a helping hand!



Shout out to @olavrb for being one of our top kudoed Product Experts! And thank you to all our community members for helping each other out this month. 


See you in the Fall,

The Google Nest team