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Community Specialist

Hey Google Nest Community,


2021 isn’t over yet, and neither is our hard work to keep bringing you new and improved experiences for Nest users! Read on to learn about the features we’re excited to launch this quarter:


Chromecast with Google TV

  • Create profiles for everyone in your house - Soon, you can create up to 12 unique profiles on your Chromecast with Google TV so members of your household can enjoy more personalized entertainment. In your profile, you’ll see recommendations just for you based on what you’ve watched and what interests you. Check out our blog to learn more about creating personalized profiles. 
  • See your world at a glance - Google Assistant can help you when your TV is idle. Now you can see personalized recommendations, sports scores, the weather, and a quick way to start playing music, along with other information and shortcuts.
  • Use your phone as your remote - Control your Chromecast with Google TV with a virtual remote built into your mobile phone. Easily navigate through apps and content, and type in what you’re looking for, right from your phone. Now available through the Google TV mobile app for Android and coming soon to the Google Home app on Android and iOS.


Nest Hubs

  • View your Memories every day on your display - Enjoy your Memories from Google Photos right from your Nest Hub, coming soon to the “Your day” tab. So you can view moments from the past while you go about your day.
  • Speak Spanish with Nest Hub - The Spanish-language experience gets even better on Nest Hub with the latest updates. Google Assistant can now communicate en español on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max with more queries and display text in Spanish. To switch, just go to Languages in Assistant settings in the Google Home app.


Nest Wifi

The latest product updates help improve the quality of your Wi-Fi for a smoother connection while you’re working or learning from home. Now, your Nest Wifi can automatically prioritize video calls for Google Meet, Zoom, and more, so the connection is less likely to drop or freeze while you’re on a call.


Which feature (or features!) are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!


The Google Nest team


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By the way im from Spain and i have everithing in english to learn more of this beautifull language but its so interesting know that you are working to improve the spanish

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Can you create a audio group so a stereo pair of Nest Audio will work with Google TV and you can cast to it?

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I'd like to see panels on the home screen for the things I find to be most important.

Weather forecast 

Time to work 

Stock ticker or my Google finance watchlist

Sports scores 

I just want to pin these things next to the time so when I wake up I have all the information I want.








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E73 issue with Google Nest Learning Thermostat. Weather got cold and i cant turn on my heat all of a sudden and the Nest says E73 Rc wire is no longer detecting power. What are my solutions?

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Imrana mian