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2nd gen wired doorbell 24/7

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So my 1st gen doorbell was cutting in/out all day.  Got the 2nd gen.  Quickly noticed I can not add the 2nd gen doorbell to nest?  So I have to use google home app.  

Couple of issues with the home app:  

1) I have a nest aware plus subscription, but cant see any of my camera's recording timeline in the home app or web - only the events.

2) You cant adjust nest thermostat settings (schedule) in the home app (and its not even visable in the web)

3) Smoke detectors cant be added to home app

4) The only thing available on home website is the cameras....

This seems pretty silly.  What am I missing?




You have to click on this little icon to switch from events to the timeline. On the timeline view, the event still show as well.


OK thank you, I never would have found that.   But, that works on my doorbell camera but not my other cameras that were originally set up in the nest app.  So I have to toggle back and forth between apps to see 24/7 recordings?


Unfortunately, yes.  We've had to use both apps ever since acquiring a battery camera in Sept. 2021.

Thank you.  As far as google products go....I think I'm out.  Fool me once...

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


@yrrabevets, thanks for posting in the Google Nest Community forum. I appreciate you checking it with us. We hear you. Our team is working hard to deliver the best experience for our users — be assured that we're taking note of your feedback. Let me know if you still have questions and concerns. Otherwise, I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.


I appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer and @EmptyNester.




Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hello yrrabevets,  Long time user here of nest and everything  you said is correct.  The Nest App is far superior to the new Google Home app.  We have been waiting for over 2 years for Google to bring the Nest app features over but almost none have come across.  And there is no indication that the older Gen 1 cameras will ever work with all the functions in the Google Home app.   My suggestion is make it easy and return the new camera and buy a used Gen 1 cam from Ebay (or where ever).  That is what I did and I'm very happy in the land of the Nest App.

Sorry Google but this is on you to make it right.

It seems crazy and typical of google at the same time.  They have abandoned or made worse so so so many things I had relied on over the years.  So you want us to use the google home app instead of the nest app.  OK, but the home app has like 1/10th of the functionality of the nest frustrating.  Seems like they are just phasing out those older cameras and smoke detectors?  I spent an arm and a leg on them.  I've actually just put a new camera system in, and trashed like 10 outdoor nest cameras.  All the "exterior" power cords were literally falling apart - totally deteriorated.  Some had stopped working all together.  My nest wifi was a constant heartache, support was helpful in trying to fix the issues but ultimatly....that went in the trash also.  I guess I will probably just replace the smoke detectors and thermostats and doorbell again and be done with google products.  While I'm at it...the speakers?  We bought a ton of them, and they all echo so bad you cant hear anything.  I have messed with the settings, but the echo is way worse than the adjustment so it makes no difference.