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2nd generation indoor wired camera

Community Member

Just purchased the 2nd generation nest indoor cam and set it up in google home. Works great there. The issue is that it’s not showing up in the nest app. Our new nest doorbell and another older nest indoor camera show up in the nest app but for some reason the new camera does not.  Very frustrating. 


Community Member

Google Nest has chosen to exclude its new Google Nest Camera Battery, new Google Nest Doorbell Battery, new 2nd generation Google Nest Camera Indoor Wired, and new Google Nest Camera Battery with Floodlight from the Google Nest App and from the website. In addition, Google Nest has chosen to exclude access to features like history, events, and configuration of activity zones for existing Google Nest cameras and doorbells from the Google Home app.

Google Nest's explanation (and customer responses) can be found in this blog:

Two threads (out of many) with customer reactions (now locked) can be found here: