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Cameras and Doorbells

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Can't create nest network for google nest doorbell battery

Setup new device->New Devices->Choose a Home->Looking for devices->What are you setting up?->Doorbell->Nest Doorbell (Battery)->Scan QR code from back of device->New Nest Doorbell (battery)->Accept Usage Guidelines->Accept privacy guidelines->Join "H...

hdavid by Community Member
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No low battery notification

When my 2 outdoor cameras rundown on the battery I am not getting any notifications. Is this normal? It’s kind of a hassle to just routinely be running around checking the cameras or app.

Dnixo by Community Member
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Nest camera (battery) live stream unavailable

Hello. I just installed 2 nest battery cameras outdoors. The live video seemed to be working for both while I was installing, then randomly wouldn't. I've seen a bunch of other similar issues here, none seem to have solid solutions. I turned on of th...

Bpm5cm by Community Member
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Google Nest doorbell is peeling off

It’s not even that old and it’s peeling off - looks horrible. Contacted customer service and they laughed at me, suggesting it’s time for a new one??!! Really - I spent $200 on this piece of crap and it looks like a cheap knock-off??!! Where’s the gr...

ckpuma by Community Member
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Resolved! Holiday home

I am trying to set up a nest doorbell,outside camera and google nest hub in a holiday home .I have created it from the Home Screen and entered the address .I installed the camera first and got a picture on my phone but it’s on my Home Screen not the ...

Oggsy by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Doorbell (battery) - Live Video unavailable

Hi, I recently bought a Google Doorbell (battery) and works a treat but it wont allow me to view live video on my Samsung S21 through Wi-Fi. It comes up saying that the 'Live Video unavailable' but works fine on 4/5G. I also have a same problem with ...

Aaronj by Community Member
  • 18 replies
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