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New cam battery not compatible with Nest App!!??

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Buyers need to be aware that the new Nest Cam battery is not (currently) compatible with the Nest App!  And the Home App does not give access to 24/7 video even if you have purchased the $12/month nest aware subscription.  The Home app merely allows you to see the events that are recorded, not 24/7 video.  This is very disappointing.

I hope Google Nest is working on a solution to this incompatibility problem with its own app.  The 24/7 video recording with the nest aware upgrade also needs to be remedied or remove the misleading advertising.  


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Please fix this Nest.. Home app is not the answer for customers with 20 cameras.


Yeah kinda bs

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Unfortunately, the home app IS the answer as google is moving all the products under this app and the nest app will be going away.  Its not something that needs to be "fixed" in the nest app.  I imagine they will continue to add functionality into the home app but we arent quite there yet it seems.

Sorry Jimbo. This has to be fixed. Period..the home app is trash compared to the nest app. 

I hate to disappoint but it's not going to happen in the nest app. The fix is changes to the home app.

Community outrage over your opinion

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I also want to add my name to the list of people who are annoyed by this. 

I've generally got no problem with it all being in the Home App, but as long as ALL the functionality is moved across too. If Google can't do that, then the least they can do is make the new cameras available in Nest App. 

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Would it be a lot simpler to have the new cameras appear in the NEST APP until such time that the HOME APP is improved?  And to be honest we all know that is a minimum of 6+ months and even then not all the functions will get migrated.  I'm just going on the Google's track record here. 1 step forward 4 steps back seems to be their way.  This is so disrespectful to the current customer base.  These new cams are so different because of the Google HOME app that they should have never had the NEST name connected to them.  ... just my opinion.  Shame on you Google.  You have more resources than just about any company and this is what you release?

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Just got setting mine up and I was severely disappointed in this same fact. They really should use one all for everything already. 

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Gonna jump on the wagon here and admit I’d have never purchased knowing it does not integrate with the nest app. You can tell me they’re working on the home app all you want. But it’s always been crap. It’s still crap and phasing out near app shouldn’t have been done until people were actually happy with home app. I see one person supporting home app. Probably some computer wiz. Very disappointing. If the home app does not improve. I’ll most likely be switching to ring or the Amazon system. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,


Sorry for my late response. Thank you for all of your patience while waiting for a reply. I just wanted to make sure that your issue is addressed. I fully understand the frustration you may be feeling with the new Nest Cameras only being available in the Google Home App. I appreciate your feedback, and I will happily submit your feedback forward. Thank you for your patience, and please let me know if you need further assistance.


Best Regards,


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If nest software does not work with it. It's no longer a nest product. The nest software recommends this hardware and it doesn't work with it.