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Cameras and Doorbells

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Live video unavailable

I spent over 2 hours on the phone with adt and Google nest with no resolve. Transferred 4 times after then hung up on.My wifi is working. My camera are wired. There is no connectivity issue. They record and send me notifications. No live video.Someon...

Resolved! No notifications whatsoever

After working well for a couple or three years, my Nest (wired) doorbell cam is no longer sending notifications of any kind. Tried every intuitive fix I could think of. Rebooted iPhone, rebooted Wifi, rebooted camera - no change. Camera can be viewed...

Dew by Community Member
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Google Floodlight Camera Swap

Can you swap the cameras on the google floodlight camera with a different outdoor battery camera? I’ve heard they are the same cameras, but wasn’t sure if I swap it out that I will have the same functionality with regard to the light.

GibboColt by Community Member
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Nest Outdoor Wired Camera will not connect to WIFI

My 2nd homes internet went out on Jan 14th. I changed provides and thus router and had to set up new WIFI and change all my smart home devices including Nest Cams. Was able to get all my smart home devices changed over including 3 other wired indoor ...

Schnabby by Community Member
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Nest Cam wired (2nd gen) will not reconnect

I've uninstalled from home and unplugged many times.But the white light comes on briefly and then turns green.Setup in Home continually fails, just tells me that something went wrong.I did have the camera working for a few days but changed my wifi pa...

MNdave by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Eufy camera not connect with the Google nest hub

I have disconnected the cameras from the Eufy app, delete the app and then download it again, and did the reinstallation of the cameras in the app. I then linked the eufy app with my Google nest hub which had been reset and I can’t get a live feed fr...

Staf by Community Member
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I can not access my nest camera account

Hello, I have not been able to access my nest camera account in months as I am having a hard time receiving customer support since nest migrated with google. I am trying to login into my nest account through my app with the CORRECT login info and it ...

Rachel2 by Community Member
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