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Camera missing motion at night

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I am experiencing the same issue as others. It’s funny how this so called “Brad” doesn’t actually help in any way but close the threads due to inactivity. 

My battery powered camera misses so many motion events on a night that it’s pointless even leaving the camera on. 
I’ve scrubbed through last night’s footage and there was 7/8 motion events that the camera didn’t even trigger..big bright car lights driving past so not even inconspicuous. 

These cameras are is useless compared to the previous generation. I seriously should have read the reviews prior to purchasing these battery ones. I have hard wired the camera too so no idea why it doesn’t trigger motion. 

Does anyone know how to complain to maybe trading standards as these cameras are not fit for purpose and the amount i have paid for these cameras, Google ideally should take note. I’ve sent numerous “feedback” via the app but nothing changes. 

The camera that isn’t wired is even worse. Absolute pointless cctv’s only good if i want to view something live. 


Obviously i want these cameras to work but I believe they are a design flaw and for the amount of money I’ve paid, i feel as though I’ve been ripped off. 

I can’t comment on other users posts as Brad has decided to close the threads due to “inactivity”




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I have the exact same issue. I have motion detection enabled for a wired Nest Cam that I have set up in my daughters nursery. It has only ever recorded a single motion event at night in the 3 days since I have set it up. Except for this solitary occasion, it only ever triggers for people detection.

I have rebooted it, reset it, moved it, changed settings in the app over and over. Nothing will get it to work. 

To be clear, night vision works just fine! If I look at the camera I can very clearly see tons of motion. The camera just refuses to record anything!

I ideally need it to pickup motion on a night as this is when most crimes are probably done. Day time the camera is faultless..but it should be able to do both.

Customer support is useless too..they act like you are the only one who has brought it to their attention..



We've had a battery camera with the optional power cable for 18 months. It's not very good at detecting events at night but is as good as our older cameras in the daytime. If we unplug it, it does NOT detect events in the daytime.

Our 2nd gen Google Nest Indoor Camera does fine at detecting motion events at night and in the daytime.

I ended up selling my older generation camera as CS told me that i would have to use 2 apps!!! They said i would need to use the Nest app for the older camera and Google Home app for the new cameras. 
Not sure what else to do as i really need it to work on a night!


I don't have any further suggestions except to consider plugging in your camera with the optional power cable. Our plugged-in battery camera SOMETIMES detects events at night, but since it's plugged in and we have a Nest Aware Plus subscription, it does RECORD everything.

We've been using the Google Home app for 18 month since getting our battery camera ,while continuing to use the Google Nest app for our older cameras and doorbells.

My camera is plugged in with the weatherproof cable. It records 24/7 but only on a night it misses so much motion. I have to scroll through the footage to see if there is any suspicious activity. Would make my life so much easier if it triggered everything that moved. The camera misses cars driving slowly past my drive, bright lights and even loud noises. 

I wish I didn’t sell the older camera now as that camera was faultless.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


@AzIsmail and @NoTicket, thanks for reaching out here in the Community. To know more about this issue, I'd like to ask, do you have a Nest Aware subscription? Have you tried changing the position of your Nest Camera? You might want to consider setting up an activity zone. Looking forward to your response.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.




I have setup zones which make hardly any difference. Also moved the camera so the passing motion has to go past the full camera. 

The thing is, the camera works well during the’s only on a night that the camera performs poorly. 

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Same here.  No activities captured at night. Reading feedbacks above I see there is no support and no way to fix the problem. Will return the device back. Does anyone know better alternative to the Nest camera?