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Google Home Separating Camera

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I've had 2 separate properties on the same Google Home and Nest account.

Now due to changed  living arrangements, I'd like to have two separate Google Home accounts on my phone. 

Or have one account partitioned out so that I can set up one camera that has access by one additional person that can't see everything else. 

Is either way possible?

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Thank you! How do I do this?

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Unfortunately, Google Nest does not give us a way to limit access to just certain cameras.

If you want to move your camera to a different account, you would have to remove your camera from the Google Home app, perform a factory reset on the camera (, and then reinstall the camera on your other Google Account in the Google Home app.

Note that if both cameras are still on the same Wi-Fi network, things may be a little flakey; you may see both cameras on both accounts. If I go to my son's house, I can sometimes see some of their cameras on my Google Account in my Google Home app. I'm guessing Google Nest's processes just assume that there is only one Google Nest "home/structure" on one Wi-Fi network.

Thank you. It's on a whole different wifi network but used my email. I guess that's how it got linked. 


You could create a second Google Nest "home/structure" for that one camera, remove it from your current "home/structure", add it to the new "home/structure", and invite the person who needs access to that one camera to that new "home/structure".

Thank you! How do I do this?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

HI MsGadget13,


Thank you for posting here in the community. I really appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer. Help's here.


Please follow this good article on how to manage and create Google Home; there are a few options you can check out and try to create a new Home/Structure.


Let me know if you need more assistance.