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Hello cams not working on Nest app dashboard

Community Member

I have a total of 3 Nest Hello doorbells at two houses. All working great until recently. Now, on the Nest app dashboard, where the cam feeds are supposed to show up are just spinning blue circles. This is the same for all 3 cams at two different locations. When I click a box with a spinning circle, I immediately get the camera feed with no issues on the doorbell screen. Given the circumstances, I think this must be an app issue. I have tried restarting my phone, did not help.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi JB1375,


Thanks for posting here in the community and for sharing with us the steps you've done. Let's go ahead and see what we can do. To confirm, were there any recent WiFi changes or outages in your area? Based on the information you shared, it seems like there's just a delay and it's good to know that you can still view the live feed. Try reinstalling your Nest App. Let us know how it goes.



Community Member

The recent Android update appears to have resolved this issue. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey JB1375, 

Awesome — glad to hear that your issue is fixed. It looks like we can consider this one complete, so I will lock the thread shortly unless I can help out with anything else.