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Legacy Nest App Version

Community Member

What is in this update? I am not going to download unless I know what was "updated" since every update I've seen since Google bought Nest has shown NO improvement to the app whatsoever, only worsening. Again the release notes just say "bug fixes and improvements".. what does that MEAN? 

Have you downloaded the new "update" and are you still encountering slow load times, freezing, etc?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

I did the update and I don’t see any change from the last version. The previous version fixed the constantly loading issues for me.

thanks, I will go ahead and update I guess. Really wish they would put more info in the release notes, it's said "bug fixes and enhancements" ever since Nest was bought by Google. Which of course tells us nothing..

Totally agree. The previous to this current update was “bug fixes and enhancements” and ended up breaking the app for 2+ months!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,

I appreciate the help @Rubes. Checking in to see if you have further concerns about your Nest app? Feel free to update this thread, and we're happy to assist you further.


Hi JT 

ever since the app update last month, we have not been able to connect our lock to our Nest Connect in the app (mentioned in another forum). I keep being asked to try steps to pair the lock which we have tried (multiple times). I firmly believe the app is the problem not the product(s). Maybe Nest Labs needs to get involved. Unfortunately this issue is giving the Nest x Yale lock a really bad rep which I'm not sure is the real problem here.